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The city, either South Found on the West side or south on the east side of your closer into town, though, use Pete ST ST as your alternate right through midtown Atlanta, triple team traffic 95.5 WSB. Temperatures in the mid eighties this afternoon with a clearing sky turning cool tonight in a Friday morning down into the upper fifties, and for Christina Edwards, I'm Channel two action news meteorologist fragments. Nobody Westby News time is 5 31. This is Atlanta's morning news centers Marcy Williams and John Gigaba. Overwhelmed with Covid patients. Grady cancels all non essential surgeries. Brady CEO John Halpert says the hospital were regularly review patient volumes to determine when it can resume elective surgeries. The move comes after a letter to Governor Brian Kemp from Congressman David Scott. Hank Johnson, asking him to put a statewide pause and elective procedures. Camp, in turn, asked lawmakers to lobby for a maximum rate for contract healthcare workers to end bidding wars among states and to demand clear guidance from the Biden administration on plans for Covid 19 booster shots. Sandra Parish 95.5 double USB, a new rule taking effect. Atlantic Square requires those under 18 shop with an adult. WSB is Michelle Wright joins us live with how people are reacting. Yeah, Marcie looking to curb crime, the Buckhead mall will pull in another tool in their arsenal with the youth supervision program. It means that after three PM if you're under 18, you'll need an adult with you at all times. Bill White with the bucket City committee tells ws Bs word on the street. There's some loopholes. Let's tell the criminals to show up at 2 30 is set at three o'clock where they can get the deal done. But this color into Mark Arum show says the plan has the ability to be very effective. It only works. As long as they're enforcing it. Many teens say it's not fair, and it's limiting their freedom. The program goes into effect September 21st reporting live. Michelle Right. 95.5 WSB double DS produced time. 5 33. This week's heavy rain causes flooding. It shuts down roads across parts of north metro Atlanta. Ronald Best lives at the Marietta crossing apartments off Delk Road. I picked up my phone was submerged in water. Turned on the light. There's water everywhere. And so we came outside, and it's just water everywhere. Bot Cruise and Cobb County work at least 15 reports of flooded roads. The Red Cross assists at least 10 cop families displaced by floodwaters. The cost to repair damage from Hurricane Ida could approach $100 billion. That's the word from AccuWeather, which raised its original forecast on the deadly storm that hit multiple states, including Louisiana, New York and New Jersey. It initially said the cost of repairs could be as much as $80 billion. Taylor reports. The U. S is expected. To feel the economic impact from Ida over the final months of the year. Meanwhile, more deaths in Louisiana are blamed on Ida. Nine More people are killed in Orleans parish from excessive heat during an extended power outage, while two others die from carbon monoxide poisoning. That puts the storms death toll over 80 from Louisiana to New England, while Mindy makes landfall on the Florida Panhandle, hours after gaining tropical storm strength that had sustained winds of about 45 miles an hour when it hit ST Vincent Island Wednesday, the system could dump six inches of rain in part To Florida and South Georgia before moving off into the Atlantic. We're way ahead of schedule this hurricane season. Mindy's already the 13th named Storm ws produced time. 5 34 perimeter fencing.

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