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Least. Yeah, you would think, not that qualified apparently, his discovery has led to recognition from his superintendent and even thanks from the textbooks publisher. Sports a 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Science Preston. You appreciate science. Who doesn't? Now I'm making sure that everything that I'm about to say is accurate. Gosh, you guys know. Nationals get shut up by the Orioles one nothing held to just 5 hits in defeat O's starter dean Kramer strikes out 6 over 6 and two thirds innings manager Davey Martinez. Fastball, then he went to a secondary pitcher's third time to the order, but he was around the plate. And when you need to do a lot of fastballs up and we chased a little bit, put that man, as you see it on the 6th, 7th, and he had a lot left in the tank. I mean, he went from 94 he bumped it up a couple pictures to 97. Don't worry, we're gonna give you our Ryan mount castle watch. He scored the game's lone run, but did not drive in one last night. He remains at 20 for the season on pace for 191, which is still a record, yes, exactly. NBA playoffs Boston beats Atlanta one 19 one O 6, Celtics take a two O series lead. Cleveland and Phoenix win game twos, and they even up their series with New York and the Los Angeles Clippers and HL playoffs, game one wins for Tampa Bay, New York rangers, Seattle and Winnipeg, what those four teams have in common all road teams, four last night, two and two the night before so road teams have won 6 of 8 NHL playoff games so far this month. Dave Preston WTO sports. And coming up and update on the possible sale of the Washington commanders plus a big decision could be coming down from the Supreme Court, 9 26. Oh, it's all good. Ever since I met my new friend optima health. I've gotten the spring back in my step. That's because optima health understands residents in

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