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Thirty seven hundred thirty five he's on the cart. He's shaking his head. If they're taking them into the into the tunnel, and oh, I felt so bad for disown Kaiser to because he looks pretty pretty good on that first drive, and then just got lit up and MAC looked like a God for like five minutes. Unbelievable. Everyone's exploding about Jon Gruden on Twitter and everything. And then Aaron Rodgers does what Aaron Rodgers does whoever thought he wasn't gonna come back in the fourth quarter. You're nuts. You don't watch Aaron Rodgers football. Because that's exactly what he does. Or you mean once he was back in the game back in again, not for one minute. Did I think that he wasn't going to come back and win that game? My favorite moment of the night, though, was Mitch Trubisky. Trying to quiet down the crowd. Lambeau bless your heart, your heart. Look at you. Somebody should Pat you on the helmet. Well, let's see we've got flori-. She has gotten super strong. Yes morning. This thing rapidly intensified they're saying this is a potential catastrophic category. Four hurricane winds near one hundred and thirty miles per hour. So you have states of emergency declared in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia right now. And that could expand as the day goes by and we get a better idea of where this thing is going to make landfall. Bob Woodward talking today on the today show about mad dog Mattis and about Kelly and and all their denials saying that they are not telling the truth and that their denials are political statements to protect their jobs. Are you surprised by that? No. I mean, I I would be I would be a million times. More surprised if they said, yeah. I said something like that. But I did it in a in a moment of frustration. That. No, of course, not and then I five still closed up through northern California north of reading towards mount Shasta because of the delta fire that continues to burn up in that area. We'll talk about fires at the beginning of next hour. We got to start with this les Moonves story as of Friday it had been reported that les Moonves says the head of CBS was in talks with the board to leave the company because of allegations of sexual misconduct. And when we did the story on Friday. There was a discussion because it hadn't really come out, the the solid this solidity perhaps of the allegations against him were kinda shaky and they were, you know, twenty twenty five thirty years ago in some cases, well overnight on Saturday. Those details were firmed up by the New Yorker a bomb. Shell report detailing an additional six accusations against less all occurring between the nineteen. Eighty s and early two thousands allegations including forced oral sex violent outbursts groping repeated sexual advances. The details are just utterly disgusting. So of these twelve women that have come forward with these allegations against les Moonves says in a couple of statements that he put out he does admit to consensual sexual relations with three of them his wife. Everybody knows Julie Chen from the the the the talk one of those shows the talk I think is what it's called. And also she's been the host of big brother for a long time and has appeared in several different CBS properties as his wife. She came out over the summer with a statement that said, I know I know he's had relationships in the past, but he is a stand up guy, etc. Etc. And again, there appears to be a cutoff point in terms of the allegations against him at least the ones that we know of and he married Julie Chen in two thousand. And four. So they've been married for fourteen years in the ones that we know about these allegations against him all came before that time Phyllis golden Gottlieb is eighty two years old now, and she was a TV industry veteran. She claims less sexually assaulted her in nineteen eighty six. She says she worked with him at the studio lorrimore in the nineteen eighties. She had already had a impressive TV career. She had time with well. Disney motion pictures group, she held executive posts at MGM NBC. And in one thousand nine hundred six Moonves was in charge of TV movies at mar and she was in charge of developing sitcoms. So she told the New Yorker that he invited her to lunch to talk business. But instead took her on a drive to an out of the way area and forced her to perform oral sex in the account that she gives to the New Yorker is graphic. I don't know how much we can get into that. But he grabbed her head. Yeah. Took it all the way down. And she says she was numb and uncertain. What to do? But did demand drive her back to the studio. She said when she got back to work she threw up she says, she was a single mother at the time supporting two children and feared for her career. And he was the new golden boy. And so she kept quiet, but she says the assault never left her. The there's an interesting angle to this. Then I didn't catch when I first saw this yesterday. Phyllis was Phyllis is in her early eighties right now. Yeah. And his retired. So she's recounting this story at the time. So she would have been there's thirty two years ago. Sushi would have been fifty. You know around there. Les Moonves or in fifty he would have been thirty something. Interesting to me, that's always things and I did read this. She's always looked so much younger than she is. She never look, I don't think she looked the fifty that. She was she said that two years after that first assault in nineteen eighty eight. She was called do as office. He's in there. And then he leaves the room for a bit returns. And he's not wearing pants and he's at attention. So hold on a second. I didn't get it at first. But this is why you suggested when I left the office to go grab something off the copy. Are you said, hey, make sure you have your pants on when you come back. Okay. I was reading this article. I understand I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder. Appreciate that. Jessica howling Ston is another woman who said she worked for several years as an assistant to several executives at Warner Brothers. I employed directly by the company and then through an outside contractor and she was assigned to help les Moonves assist. Les Moonves for several days in the spring of ninety four. So she had a dream of writing. She had studied writing she wanted to break into the industry, and she's working as an assistant. She shows up at letsmove is a suite at the regency hotel about ten minutes early for her appointment, and he comes to the door in a bathrobe tried and true trick just ask Charlie rose. Right. I mean, but then he goes back and changes puts his always wear the robes. Never. I've never by the way. I don't think I've ever in my life worn a robe and thought to myself. This is comfy. I'm going to stay in this thing for our comfy slash sexy. Anyway. He sat in a large chair at one end of the living again, fully clothed at this point. And he starts asking her about her ambitions. And she talks about hair, I will always wanted to be a writer. So he starts asking some personal questions. Are you single? Are you straight? He offers her a glass of wine the meetings at ten in the morning. He offers her a glass of wine, and she says, okay. And he pours himself a glass, he drank it super-quick. And she says, listen, I was at work, and I didn't want to be rude by turning down the wine, but I wasn't going to drink. It it, you know, not fast like he did. And then he asks for a massage. So she crosses the room. He puts her hands on his neck and shoulders and tells her how to do it before, you know, what he says never mind tells her to sit back down never mind when my wife asked me to go to the store to buy, you know, personal things, and I'm like, I don't I can't I have no idea. This long story still. What what do you mean? Still. So he says haven't you ever given a massage to your boyfriend, and he gets irritated. So he starts asking more sexual questions. And asking do you like powerful men stuff like that? And she said it was totally uncomfortable at one point he's kissing her. Shoving his tongue down her throat. Her quote like he was trying to reach my stomach. Oh for the love. And then he said I want you to. Paraphrase performing acts upon me. That's a that's a that's a bold move. Isn't it? I mean that is confidence right there. I don't know if confidence is the right word delusional confidence at laced terrible. Okay. We gotta gotta take a break. We'll finish telling that story. Also, some other bombshells that he actually tried to ruin the careers of women who read rejected him, and then he regularly harassed massage, therapists, we'll get into all of it. When we come back. Gary and Shannon. We'll continue Amy king has nothing on the news. A stretch of the five freeway has reopened in northern California with restrictions as a wildfire continues to burn on both sides of the roadway vehicles carrying things like, hey, wood chips. Lumber and logs will not be allowed to travel through the area. And officials say expected to be really slow a man has been taken into custody after a US border patrols car was shot. At it happened near the Sani CJ report port of entry just north of the US Mexico border early. Yesterday officials say there are multiple bullet holes in the car but the agents. Okay, Olivia Newton John says she's been diagnosed with cancer for the third time in three decades, the four time Grammy winner who will turn seventy. Later this month says she's treating a tumor in her lower back naturally and is doing really well. Your forecast, and what slowing you down on the.

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