Unesco, Irina Bockova, Founding Member discussed on Global News Podcast - US Dumps UN Cultural Agency


This was the reaction of unesco's current hate irina bockova i express my depicts united faith method for unesco and unesco met this whole united faith in factor if you go back into history we will see not only that united faith is a founding member of unesco the whole idea that you can heal piece for education science culture communication that is basically an american idea on the crossing uk consecutive for meetings conferences the media says that education even during the war irina volkova of unesco well crystal nix hinds was president obama's appointee as the us ambassador to unesco until earlier this year tim francs asked her what she made of the move by the current us administration i think it's a terrible to see the the us to withdraw from an organization it helped found in right after world war two to promote peace in international cooperation around the ordinance you know yet another example of the trump administration withdrawing from the international community and abdicating its leadership role were you say it was set up in the wake of the second world war with noble intentions the argument now is it has departed from those ames and it is a highly politicised and in the woods of its critics anti israel talking shop well there's no question that the resolutions have come out of the executive board adopted by member states in incredibly inflammatory and quite frankly fanta but the thing that people don't realize is that because the united states has a seat at the table at on the executive board we are able to block the implementation of this resolution's though no every single time sometimes for the only member state to do so and because of that i'm the unesco secretariat does not enforce the resolutions because they aren't adopted by consensus by stepping out of the organization giving up our seat on the executive board.

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