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Down you can go age group and you can it can really be a lot of fun for a lot of people because maybe there is a you know sixty five year old woman that can't compete with the people in the open class otari but she can kind of stay in her own lane and see how she's comparing other people i mean it would be amazing if something like that existed for something like powerlifting or olympic lifting up people have kind of tried but i think cross crawford has really done a great job of the back end of all that the internet has been the biggest part of cross fit i think with you know without the internet it would have been very hard thing to get off the ground because i do think that that comparison is what makes everything click and greg glassman has been stated as saying you know men will not just men but he his men will die for points and it's a great that is a great a great point because people to want to compare themselves they wanna see like maybe i can get margo in a in dead lift but okay every time we run she kick my ass but maybe i can get her here maybe i can get her there and so it's fun for people to compare themselves and then they get to you know test and they get to over period of time get better like that i think it's really great because again like you said you break it down by adria or sections in terms of the state of the city and i think people that are crossed the world like maybe you're in europe somewhere and you don't have tons of people in your environment that are doing cross to compete or get a compare your time to someone in the country next to you and i think it's creating that commodity in that community of like k even though we're not physically close to one another we can help each other each other get better yes we're competing but against competition to say hey i want to be better but also want to help you get better test centrally be better not only individual but like being a healthier state so that whatever comes up in life you can counter.

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