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There's a lot of ways to go about this game. But I think the the the best way to put it is. This was a game where Kentucky just. I thought really from the outset. Completely controlled the basketball game. I think they only were down once and it was at the very beginning. Even in the first half when the lead sort of fluctuated between four and eight I thought Kentucky was out playing Tennessee. They just were not. They miss them free throws and the and they get grant Williams hit two threes. I think he'd only hit eight all year, and he hit hit hit three tonight. But they still were playing great. And then in the second half, especially coming out of halftime, just absolute domination and. There's a lot. There's a lot of ways to go about it. But I think the biggest thing is they just completely dominated on the defensive end. And turn that into great offense. I mean, Kentucky one without necessarily doing some of the things that I thought they were going to have to do to win. I thought for Kentucky to win this game. They were going to have to shoot. Outstanding from three point shot five thirteen. Five for thirteen. Okay. But it's not what I thought they were going to have to do. I thought they were going to have to probably make eight or nine threes. They made five. They won because they completely out physical a very physical team. I had said for a long time that I thought this Tennessee team was the most physical SCC team. I'd seen since I don't even know where I mean, they beat you up and Kentucky completely beat them up tonight. PJ washington. Obviously was amazing. He had twenty three points nine of twelve field goals. He was just excellent throughout the game. He scored he was unstoppable on the post with his back to the basket. And in the first half he played as well in the first half as I've seen him play ever. And then in the second half re Travis completely dominated the post. I think he scored eight straight points. And he really just physically he was brought here to guard grant Williams, and he did and gray had sixteen points. But when he had sixteen points and ten of them where you're threes are at the line. You did your job. And I thought he played excellent tower hero with terrier, thirteen rebounds. Look he goes three for eleven from the field. And it's still extremely valuable because he gets thirteen rebound. That's all you can ask for he's you know. It's funny about him. Is he still hasn't really shot the ball like we thought he would. But he's been more valuable than I thought he was going to be if you had told me that he would not shoot the ball. Well all year. I would have thought by the end of the year, you might not be playing and now he's more valuable than I would have believe even though he shot worse Ashton. Hagans was great play thirty six minutes. He had. Seven assists. He controlled the game. He he he struggled a little bit early. I thought on defense. I thought Jordan bone was kind of work and even Jordan bone did have nineteen points. But after the first few minutes Ashton settled down, and then he really controlled tempo. We slow Jordan bone down in Tennessee. So good in transition, and they only scored two baskets in transition the whole game. So I thought Kentucky was absolutely great. Kelvin Johnson for about three or four minutes. Got reparation as loud as it's been in a decade when he was hitting all those threes. It was just a special night for people who were at the game. I think you would agree. It's the loudest rubs been in a long time. I mean, we everybody has their game. They think was the loudest. But whatever game you pick. This is the latest one in a long long time for me. And what made it exciting is that for at least the first thirty minutes. The fans were loud the whole time. It wasn't just when they were good place. It was constant. And that is when rob is really at it's best just a special night. And you throw in Hami Diyala won the dunk contest with a dunk that everybody will remember for a long time Dunkin over Shaquille O'Neal, and then putting his elbow on the rim. It was this is a cool evening and for Kentucky. They now are still alive in the SEC still for a number one seed, and they look like a team that could win the whole thing. Eight five nine two eight hundred twenty two eighty seven at Kyiv sports radio. Text machines eight five nine three hundred thirty to sixty four Saturday night. We've got a great win. Why not just stay up and talk about it? And we'll do that right after this. It's local Toyota dealers ks our post postgame show lately, it seems like everything we use everyday is getting an upgrade from the bed. We sleep in to the razor we use when we wake up, but we've neglected one of the more impulsive products in a daily routine that..

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