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Right now. It is 10 33. That means time to check on traffic. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes with Kevin Brennan. Kevin, What can you tell us? Well, we got some mid day where crews out here. Slowing traffic down. 93 North found left lane guard River repair crews just after desk. Rhodes got you back about a mile right now. Route three ch Getting reports of a work crew here by the Chelmsford rest area got some brake lights. They're out on the mass. Pike east found left lane workers near route 1 22, and that Milbury stretches traffic just a little slow getting by that state of the right to get around it. We're still dealing with volume on the North found expressway granted of most of the way up through Columbia Road, and then you're looking pretty good After that up into the O Neill Tunnel south pounds a little busy from South Bay getting down through Savin Hill Back up to speed after the gas tank looking pretty good down to the brain trees split Route three. North bound. You can expect some brake lights coming up by 2 28 in Rockland. Southbound looking much better now coming down through that ducks very stretch through Route three. A had an earlier crash that has cleared and so have the residual delays still seeing delays on Route three itself from ducks bury down into Kingston. This report, sponsored by America's best Contacts and eyeglasses. Don't OVER pay for glasses Get two pairs in a free exam for just 69 95 exam alone is worth 50 bucks. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best book Your Exam online today in certain states. Eye exams provided by independent opthamologist See store for details. Kevin Brennan WBC's traffic on the threes in the four day forecast, AccuWeather's Brian Thompson tells US clouds will break for some sun this afternoon. Shower or thunderstorm hitting in the afternoon. Up to 73. Today.

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