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Shot con nfl executive vice president of football operations troy vincent and a number of players were also invited to come to new york can be a part of this whole thing eagles defensive end chris long browns quarterback jason mccourty patriots safety devin mccourty patriots wide receiver matthew slater brown's linebacker christian kirk seat were also there they the aisle and giants captain jonathan kosice they they they basically spent a long time tuesday in meeting set the league office talking about how they were going to respond going forward you know they they did what they did last sunday but what are we going to do now going forward jonathan casillas said quote we were basically talking about what we're going to do to move forward how we're going to approach the whole kneeling situation it was a whole bunch of opinions shared there was nothing we decided we're going to do collectively i think it was a very conducive meeting unquote now john mira followed that up with a separate meeting with giants players in his office on wednesday night among the players who were attending that where eli manning and zach de yossi and landon collins and jason pierrepaul evidently what merit told his players he said he requests that we all stand but he's in full support if any of anybody that neels cassia said i noticed the today the denver broncos put out a statement and a message from the denver broncos players i won't read through the whole thing but the the last line of their statement is starting sunday we'll be standing together we heard danny 'em and dole a say in the patriots locker room yes today in i believe based on the talks we've had the plan is that we're going to stand on sunday it sounds as though the league has tried to take up a proactive stance here yet the owners in get the players in talk about where they're going to go going forward and it would appear more and more like you're going to see a lot less of the players kneeling like you saw last sunday starts tonight packers bears we weren't heard aaron rogers for talking about what he and his teammates are expected to do and even urged the crowd to do.

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