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When we first joined CBS sports radio, and you still have questions questions for you, though. Not the same kind of questions. I was telling you about an hour ago that my new favorite athlete. Follow on social media is Phil Mickelson. He literally just joined Twitter two weeks ago. And he's hysterical. He posts all kinds of cell fees and videos, that's what he does. And he's a goof. Football, which you may know, if you followed him over the course of his career, he generally wears that same Smirke grin on his face all the time, and he's pretty comfortable in his own skin, and he'll make fun of himself. His latest tweet was a picture. I mean, he looks like he's trying to imitate. A biker who's very patriotic. He's riding his Harley to the Ryder Cup. If you could it's in Paris. So I guess he can't. But he's so funny. And I'm glad that we have him on Twitter because he makes me laugh every time he tweets, and he's big into it. He tweets all the time. He tweets before practice rounds and before he goes out and compete, and then he'll post videos of all kinds. You know? I just think it's a lot of fun. It's refreshing when someone new discovers social media, and does it take himself or herself too seriously? Who is your favorite athlete? Follow on. Social media doesn't have to be Twitter. It can be Facebook. It can be Instagram. It can be Snapchat because there are some athletes who also use Snapchat to keep up with their fans and their followers. So who's your favorite athlete? Follow on social media, specifically athletes here, and I don't care if it's a retired athlete anyone who's played a professional sport. That's what I'm looking for. So either on my Twitter a law radio or on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence. If you went to bed enough early enough that you were going to get seven or eight hours of sleep and still be up for work at this hour, will then you missed a lot when you went to bed Raphael doll was still on the court probably was early in his match against Dominic team and they played into a tie-break in the fifth set. It was tense. It was dramatic and Rafia Rafael Nidal survived. He did. But it was a tie. Break that went back and forth back and forth against team. It was a really compelling match on back to back nights. We've had Roger Federer and Rafael doll engaged in some very dramatic tiebreaks to determine their fate Rafa is the defending champ at the US open. He has advanced to the semifinals. And then we had the defending champ on the women's side loose Sloan Stevens out already, but Serena Williams has vanished. And so you still have some of the big names not all of them. But some of the big names like Novak Djokovic Rafa and Serena who are still alive. What are the things that I've noticed about this particular US open, and I get all the media alerts because I do have a credential for the open they have set attendance records on three separate days during the course of this particular US open. We're we're talking about crowds of over seventy thousand one day seventy thousand people going through the gate at Flushing Meadow to attend one day. Day of the US open. So was a couple of different sessions. It's day and night sessions. Although I think they're about to be done with that now. And so it's really popular despite the heat, and there have been heat indices and heat warnings well up over a hundred when you consider the humidity there actually, instituted extra breaks for the athletes during the during the course of their matches. If they go four sets in the case of the men, they allow them to take an extra break because it's been such extreme heat and humidity, and yet still there are thousands and thousands of people tuning out in droves. And so that's that's one thing that you may have missed the last couple of nights is these two matches with Roger Federer getting upset and then Ross dolls surviving and advancing in the wee hours his match literally his match point that he converted to advance happened. Right. As we took the airwaves three hours ago. So. It's the capacity talk more for people who live on Pacific time for sure. What does this say my, computer? The capacity of the stadium was twenty three thousand. So Arthur ash stadium. Yes. Okay. Right. But but my point is that there are seventy thousand people going through the gate. So there are other stadiums there besides Arthur ash, and there are day sessions, and there are nights sessions and people will show up, and they'll watch practices or their watch doubles or the watch the action on the other courts. They have girls and boys tournaments that are taking place. So it's not just the matches that are taking place on Arthur ash stadium court so yes three consecutive days. But three days over the course of the first week and a half of the US open. They've set attendance records, meaning the number of people through the gate. There are now up over seventy thousand on one day and over Labor Day weekend, which included their military appreciation day, they had more than two hundred thousand fans over the course of Labor Day weekend. So tennis has been really good is the last major of the year in golf. There's also a lot of people that are really interested in what happens this month. And that's because the Ryder Cup is the last event coming up this month in Paris, France. And we now know that there will be the. The old guard represented because both Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson have been anointed. As members of the Ryder Cup team for Phil as I was just talking about. Posted the picture of him as a biker a Harley biker with the American flag theme, he's been all in on. How important it was for him to extend his streak? So he's been on every Ryder Cup teams nineteen ninety-five. But he indicated even before Jim furic made his picks that this particular Ryder Cup was one that would be more significant for him. Because of the fact that it's in Paris, and he so desperately wants to be part of a US team that wins on European soil. And so he had had kind of gone on on a mini campaign to tout himself the way that he's putting which I found somewhat humorous considering what did he make headlines for the US open because he putted badly on the tenth. All remember. He hit a moving putt. He got so frustrated that he went around the ball was going down the hill. And he smokes it back up the hill before it stopped moving. Yeah. He's putting so well that share except that what do we know about him the highlight of the year for Phil Mickelson is the fact that he hit a moving of the US open because he got frustrated, but it's Phil Mickelson. It's Tiger Woods. Who hasn't been on a Ryder Cup team as a player in six years going back to two thousand twelve and then Bryson d Shambo who earned his way onto this team? With back to back wins to start the FedEx Cup playoffs. And so you would think that Jim uric has got a big grin on his face after making three of his four captain's picks we talked about all year, we were looking for a number of different things, but players that had a good body of work that he played good the season players that were in good form. You know, we're headed over to Europe we're heading over into. Foreign soil. It's going to be an interesting crowd. They're boisterous. I have a lot of respect for them. And we're looking for players that we thought would would handle that situation. Well, and it would thrive would love the challenge ahead of him. And I think these three players that's what we've done hasn't been part of the team playing wise for six years and served as vice captain a couple of years ago. And that was absent credible will be part of the team part of these young guys and to try to help help them. In any way, shape or form. I could whether it was with pairings spikes, or sandwiches, water, whatever they needed. I was there and this year to have the honor Bill play again as. Is beyond special. Everything means so much more to tiger now that he's had it taken away. And now that he's gone through a stretch when he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to play golf again so graduations to those threes. So even as football the juggernaut is about to return poised to return tomorrow night with the season opener the the Super Bowl champion almost at World Series the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons, even as they get back on the field the big dogs the cash cow because that's what the NFL is. It's not going to be a one and done scenario. In fact, the NFL's not going to be able to hog the covers if you know what I mean, they're going to have to share with golf with tennis because there are a lot of great storylines and headlines coming from both of those sports NASCAR is going into its playoff as well. And then we can't forget about major league baseball this week right now we've got three theories that pit curried playoff teams against one. Another. And really because we're now into the final month with what twenty four ish games to go. Give or take a couple. You're talking about scoreboard watching to the max, which is so cool. So yes, we're psyched about football. We're gonna talk about some football coming up. You're welcome. But Roger Goodell and the NFL has to share some of the spotlight at least for now, and we're inside of a month until the puck drops on the NHL regular season. Not to mention the NBA with way, who's that guy who went to LA. I mean, I'm going to need some rosters to keep up with all the free agents. I feel like he's someone pretty special shoot our member is named one of these days. You know, I'm not so good with names in so October is the busiest month of the year in sports, but September is not far behind who is your favorite athlete. Follow on social media. We'll get to your calls to eight five five two one two four two two seven. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Stanford.

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