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Iowa, Clark discussed on Money Matters with Ken Moraif


Clark it's the eve of the democratic caucuses in Iowa and the last chance for democratic presidential hopefuls to make their case speaking to a couple hundred supporters at Clarke university in Dubuque former vice president Joe Biden continued his attacks on president trump who in god's name does he think he is trying to make the case I will call the search he's the democrats' best choice to be trouble November I understand this new Republican Party been anybody I've been the object of their affection for the last three years meanwhile into boy bite in circuits are trying to downplay expectations for Monday saying they think will be close recent polling is shown by did and senator Bernie Sanders neck and neck Ribeiro ABC news W. moments ago on Twitter former democratic presidential nominee and secretary of state John Kerry used an expletive to deny reports that he's considering entering the race the democratic hopefuls trying to cram in their events before the Superbowl kicks off in about ninety minutes some candidates are hosting I will watch parties ABC TJ homes in Miami with more on what people will be watching all eyes will be on the two quarterbacks Patrick my homes is trying to cement his name as the next great QB in the NFL and Jimmy Garoppolo who's no longer Tom Brady's backup is aiming to show he can win on the biggest stage the chiefs are slightly favored over the forty Niners who play in Santa Clara and the night case of corona virus in the US has been confirmed in Santa Clara county authorities say they're still no risk to the general public in earlier today Massachusetts senator ed Markey called on president trump to act decisively when it comes to the corona virus name a corona virus desire he has yet to do that that is a mistake we need someone who is in charge of foreign nationals have been to China in the last two weeks now blocked from entering the US al Qaeda's branch in Yemen claims responsibility today for last year's deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola that left three dead you're listening to ABC news Arizona's station T. A. R. on air ninety two three FM online KTAR dot com and streaming live on the Katy a our news app your breaking news and traffic now time is three oh two and Julie the vin a fugitive missing for almost eighteen years is back in Arizona after he was found living in Toronto the Chandler police department says a don who wear tell was twice the legal limit and cause a fatal car crash back in two thousand three during sentencing he skipped town can the police recently use social media to track him down and have extradited back to the U. S. K. K. our eyes and education he may be voting on two separate taxes that would fund education this November one former state lawmaker says he's skeptical either will come to fruition one would raise taxes on the wealthy the other would hike up the sales tax from six tenths of a cent to a full penny stand power to served in both chambers tells me proposals like these are nothing new feels like the annual discussion about it over arching new financing mechanism for public schools for thirty years I've been in and out of there is a legislature and every year we're talking this way or doesn't think either measure will reach the finish line this year because he says governor Ducey has satisfied the politics of funding education with the twenty percent teacher pay raise Jeremy foster KTAR news there there's a growing number of homeless seniors in the valley but not enough emergency shelters to take the men a new state bill would address that by providing five million dollars for a new emergency shelter in the Phoenix area for people fifty five and older it would have up to two hundred beds it's the Superbowl today with the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco forty Niners squaring off in Miami Arizona Cardinals color analyst run roughly from Arizona sports ninety seven FM joined airs on those morning news and says he expects a great game and give the slight edge the Niners it's going to be the match up it's going to be the match up that always is always always comes down to the match up starts at any out specially the San Francisco forty Niners ability to run the ball kick off today around four thirty years on a time let's get a check now on our traffic and weather in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center it's Patrick roadie Hey there Julie revenue crash working in Phoenix I fifty First Avenue and Indian school road in downtown Phoenix Nicholas in Washington and I ten and watch out for car and fired Phoenix ninety them good baseline road.

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Iowa, Clark discussed on Money Matters with Ken Moraif

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