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Actual he's cleaning house you know his job is to revitalize conglomerate and i think part of that you know i haven't spoken with back but i think part of it is he's you know you look at what these executives are making after three decades they're not cheap and you know look times are changing you've got new executive coming in with and and digital place to megan then you're trying to compete with netflix and that was something that bt and and nickelodeon weren't doing for the past couple of years so now you've got netflix amazon coming in and they're they've made headways and in the kids programming space and now given the new push for inclusive casting onscreen programs that were typically earmarked for bt or getting you know there's bidding wars and bt's not gonna win those well it's definitely of fascinating and busy time in the tv world as you know better than anybody we didn't even talk about the fact that the americans out it's big series finale with great partner are seeing we had killing eve sort of one of the big new shows and its first season over at bbc america you got the nba a finals in the stanley cup finals not to mention our beloved baseball we could go on forever but that will be for now thank you so much leslie over thank you scott fiber and now for my interview with judd appetito over the course of our conversation at appetite office building in west la which has been nicknamed the app a tower the fifty year old and i discussed a wide range of topics among them how kid who is unusually small bit of social outcasts and the child of parents got divorced when he was still very young wound up falling in love with comedy consuming countless hours of it on tv transcribing snl in merv griffin monologues in order to study them writing thirty page paper about the march brothers for pleasure when he was still in grade school and interviewing famous comedians for his high school radio station starting at just fifteen why he eventually abandoned dreams of being stand up and focused instead on being a writer and how that led to him writing for everyone from roseanne barr james l brooks to ben stiller he was part of a writing team that was awarded an emmy for the.

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