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Look, the packers end up pulling this one out in overtime. This is what was kind of cool. Especially if you're a packers fan and your team is one, you've just been kind of waiting for like a month now for this team to get some kind of break. Some kind of one, get a couple bounces, and two, just some sort of breakthrough performance. You got that from Christian Watson. You got that from a couple of turnovers on sort of miscommunications among dak Prescott and intended receivers. And you end up eating a really good team. Yeah. I thought when that ball was in the air, the first deep ball to Christian Christian Watson. I thought this is the season right here. Really? And you know, if they come down with this thing, if he scores, I think this team finally gets some juice and here we go. And that ended up being the case to the point where when he scored his third touchdown, there were like three guys open on that play and there were two people on Christian Watson. So, you know, if this is where we're at now, where you're starting to draw some double teams, Al lazard can kind of go back to doing Alma's art stuff. You're cooking with gasoline here, I think. Yep. And Watson almost had another long one. You know, the throws are there for Aaron Rodgers. Lazard, the long RPO catch and run in overtime. That's what Allen was our does. Just encouraging stuff. It's still going to be a struggle. There's still, I think it's a year away from any sort of like true breakthrough, but you just got some answers in this game. And like I said, you just got a couple of breaks along the way. Last week in Detroit, that's a game they're probably in most scenarios leading 17 nothing. Instead of having it scoreless midway through the second quarter, you just get a couple of weird turnovers and that's the way it goes. But encouraging stuff and stylistically a ton of ton of stuff on the ground, that's what they're going to be. They're not going to be airing it out. It's not going to be Aaron thrown for 400 yards. It's going to be sort of a patchwork passing game and hopefully a foundational run game here. Yeah, Aaron Jones, I thought, a little bit of a bounce back performance. And I think the packers are going to kind of, whatever's going on with AJ Dylan, I think, and that I think is a big part of the story. I think that they're just, it's got to be a hot hand approach at this point. It's like, whoever's going to come in there and just start smashing people is who's going to get the ball and we really don't care anymore. I think they probably like the idea of AJ Dylan a lot more and what he represented.

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