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Stories we're following it for you tonight on WTO P a job fair to help connect Afghan refugees in our area to jobs He served in Congress since the 70s 88 year old Republican congressman Don young being remembered today for his long and colorful service to this country Ukraine's president says he wants to meet face to face with Russia's Vladimir Putin to hold meaningful talks to bring an end to the violence against civilians Stable WTO for more on these stories in just minutes A 47 the names of two people who died in two separate traffic accidents in D.C. have been released Police say 32 year old Stephen Roy of southeast died on March 8th after a BMW he was traveling in lost control on interstate 6 95 It crashed into a park D.C. public works trucks swerving across multiple lanes then striking a Toyota before hitting a barrier and catching fire Roy and the driver of the BMW died on scene and a separate incident Thursday 52 year old Joseph Robinson died after being struck twice by two cars each running a red light a New Jersey avenue in northwest It's 8 48 Traffic and weather together on the ace to Steve dresner in the WTO P traffic center In Maryland we're still backed up east boundary 50 the east bound lanes currently blocked approaching four ten due to ongoing police activity traffic is being diverted off at two O two Not that over on the westbound salad the other closures in Calvert county southbound route four near buoy shop road multi vehicle accident has this southbound lanes blocked Clinard and area eastbound 7 O four near landover road for a crash with a lane blocked westbound I one 95 ramp to go to the northbound side of the BW Parkway last report the ramp is blocked for the cringe Chesapeake Bay bridge we do have two lanes heading eastbound three westbound wind warnings are currently in effect no vehicle restrictions thus far if you're traveling in a high profile vehicle box vehicle Do you use caution traveling over the Chesapeake Capital beltway traveling incident and free in Montgomery county and prince George's county 95 and two 70 reporting in with no incidents but were jammed up on the northbound side of the BW Parkway volume deli's beginning at four ten up through the beltway in one 93 there is no relief until you're well north of one 97 In Virginia southbound on I 95 dealing with one broken down before you get to the Prince William Parkway block on the right lane in the district crash activity slowing things down on the southbound side of D.C. two 95 in the area of east capital street only a single lane gets by Calls Snell now to get a heater tuned up and inspection for just $79 then lock in a spring AC tune up visit Snell heating an air dot com Steve resner WTO traffic Two storm team four are meteorologists Samara Theodore Hartley sunny but note that there's a good chance a few of us 'cause he scattered showers maybe even isolated thunderstorm as we head through the evening hours.

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