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No cost to you Do your own homework. But these are the people that we've interviewed and we've looked at their record and we monitor Every day to make sure that everything is going exactly the way we would want it to go. If we were buying the house, it's real estate agents I trust dot com Go there now. Sell or buy your house the right way. Realestate agents I trust dot com Tom Fitton is the president of Judicial Watch. He has really Judicial watch has done so much in regard to keeping The truth out there they have been, you know, entering FISA? Ah, not FISA, but yeah, Freedom of information. Next. That's not fight. It's ah Foo Foo lies. If I Yeah, fo wise to get for years to get the documents that show what's happening to this administration is not true. All of the things on impeachment. A lot of that came out because of judicial watch Tom. Welcome to the program. Jake. Run. Thank you. We don't do fries is yet although who knows? Yeah. Depends on who's in in office. Maybe maybe you will. I want to. I want to talk to you about several things. First of all, Act Blue. Are you following act blue at all? Wei have been certainly their fundraising for black lives matter. Global Foundation has been of interest to us of Act. Lewis, a conglomerate of organizations, they do the political fundraising. For campaigns and candidates. Askew pointed out there that pack activity but separately, they raise money through this terrible arm. That thing gets funneled to another third party, which is running black lives matter as a fiscal sponsor. So if you want to give money to black lives matter, you can't You give it to act blew that has, I guess Pinky promise with this Tide center, which is a far left group that is acting as a fiscal sponsor for black lives matter. You can't give a donation of black lives matter that we have it. Have it be tax deductible. It's an unusual set of circumstances that If a similarly situated, well known conservative group was involved in that be called for investigator. Oh, my gosh, and there should be investigations on either side that would do something as slimy as this. Actblue. I think the latest document that I saw shows that about seven per cent of what goes in tow. ActBlue actually goes to black lives matter. So where's the rest of it going? Where's the rest of the go? I don't You know, I've never seen anything like this Does it involved a nonprofit work for 20 plus years and the idea of a fiscal sponsorship. That's something the left has been doing, though. When you think about it, remember Acorn? Yeah. They kind of operated the same way they had all these allegedly independent groups that will run By one central organization. In this case, it's the Tides Center, which is the incubator for the far left and their organizations. Yeah, I did a lot of work on the Tides Foundation and called many, many names. Nobody did anything about it, and now look at the juggernaut that they that they are any comment on You know, $200 million plus being gathered from donations from homeless people or people that don't have a job. It's an awful lot of money, isn't it? A lot of money and again the area political fundraising. They report what they report and unless someone's willing to get behind the numbers and get behind Thie is the self reporting. This is going to go on. Not only with that blue but everyone else and Ah ah, a clue suggests that the reason that they have all these unemployed people as because they're homemakers or their wealthy and they don't need to report anything other than being I'm like her self employed, but You know, it highlights the fact that Ah ah lot of money sloshing around our political system. And despite all these laws for transparency, which I know we don't put much faith in any way. They both principal and impractical and practical issues are practically speaking. Ah, it's hard to track all the money is coming from and so always concerned about foreign funding. You know, there are a lot of easy ways for foreign national support to Spain, our election system without getting caught, and in a proper way. Alright, only change the subject. There is a story that I read well documented Well source, and I am not seeing it anywhere. That the actual whistle blower During the impeachment was VE Inman himself. Lieutenant Colonel ve Inman was the guy who was on the phone call was disturbed as in his own words because it was going against the policy that he Agreed with and had worked hard on and wanted to see pursued. And he he went and talked to Schiff. If I understand this, right? He couldn't be the whistleblower because he was on the phone calls, So they needed a another guy. And he went and told someone about it and said, Blow the whistle. Go to shift. Go these people and blow the whistle. That is that Do I have that right? I think it's I think it's close enough. Ah, it became pretty clear during the impeachment hearings themselves when he was questioned on it had been been had talked to the alleged whistle blower. That shift colluded with properly in my view, you know, and my concern has always been that Just because someone else is has a national security clearance. It doesn't mean you can tell them everything that anything you want, just because if it's classified, they have to have a need to know. And if he was improperly sharing the contents of that classified Colin hay with his brother or be with his buddy over the CIA, Evidently that was the actual whistleblower who had previously In the White House, both under Obama and Trump. That would've been inappropriate and I've always I've always been. I've been highlighting the need that Vin men should be criminally investigated. The whistleblower should be criminally investigated, and Viguerie shift was involved in the sharing and properly classified information in his staff. A cripple investigation should extend into the house. So here's my frustration. A lot of this stuff, Tom we've had for months now we've known a lot of really damning stuff..

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