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Wine? If the actual service is the exact same, regardless of how much the bottle of wine cost. Now, I don't buy that. But that was the argument here that you can separate out the alcohol as well. Again. I think if you're going to all these extrordinary efforts to figure out how to save money on tipping. You're not quite in the spirit of this thing. But you tell me eight six thirty WMA LS with Michael I sixty six Michael, you're are you in the food service industry? Michael, no, I've ever worked as a server that got tips that my wife has a lot of friends that back in college many years ago, did as you were talking about this I- cynical side started thinking wondering if the people that are anybody that would be out there suggesting we. That we cut the wages of servers by reducing our tip and trying to nNcholas Dina. Are they the same people that demand we should have a minimum wage right or that complain about WalMart mistreating, their employees in all any CEO or corporation that, you know, visit tried to pay as little as they can are they the same ones complaining about that. I don't know maybe this will be to have a minimum wage for tipping law that requires when you go out and eat. I'm a minimum. Minimum tip. I wouldn't be for that either. But I do know that raising the minimum wage extraordinary amounts actually, ends up hurting people in the food service industry and their tips are not going to be as big and they live off their tips. I mean, Michael really when you get into that part of the business. It's the tips that really pay your bills, right? Right. Yeah. When you're when you're a server. Yeah..

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