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Strongly hate Trump the more. I see people that hate Trump because he's giving us results. There is an application. Call Trump tracker, you'd be talking about that, you know, people should Trump to come on and tell us what is he doing what he's done from tracker is a great application, but nobody knows about it. Because the media doesn't, you know, give it a chance students that Trump to let us know he's achievement. So thank you very much for to show. Great fan. Shows and and learn about all it takes in the Marlins about from the more ashamed. I am of all politicians, especially guy, whatever his name is Schumer, whatever Lowthian say. Amazing, isn't and thank you for people like you educates educators while we. Trucking for five hundred miles a day. Mason topping friend. Listen, let me sincerely. Thank you. For. The kind words. I appreciate that greatly. And you need to be safe out there and have a merry Christmas. Well, yeah. God bless you and many many many thank you for you for your time. I. Sleep. Doc Goodman overnight. You're the air. Eight. This week. Thank you. Fran. And I mean that sincerely this week's little different. I'm off at WB until the third. I don't take a lot of vacations. I don't do the cruises. Like a lotta guys do I'll be on a cruise for. So I I don't want to be on a boat for, you know, eight days. Hey, you know, that show you did about hey, you know, that show. I mean, I can't imagine because. Yeah, I'd like to eat a meal without you know, people looking and pointing and doing all that and I'd like to get some sleep once in a while. I am taking off some time from WBAI which made a perfect come over here when the guys were away, but I'll be back on doing afternoon. Drive two to five at news talk WBZ Dallas starting the third once again. In the meantime, aside from Christmas night, I will be with you every single night. And couldn't be happier about it friend that was very kind. Thank you. Well, let's go to Dave Dave in hell, Minnesota, Dave. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate it. How you doing? Dave are coming in. Yes, sir. Oh god. Thank you for taking my call. Thank you. God bless you. Hey, I just wanna you know, I've been I've been working on this political situation. We bet in mired in for so long. You know, I think it really boils down to sea level the really boils down to this whole liberal movement is that it's two arms and two legged people that don't wanna work that wanna make demands on two on lake and lake people that do work. You know, what that reminds me? That's right. Dave, you know, what that reminds me of the seven thousand central Americans dribbling. And so on they finally all collected in Tijuana. And they said, okay, if you won't let us in your country, then pay fifty thousand each and we'll go home, wait a minute. I thought you were fleeing violence that violence goes away with fifty grand. I mean, do we just look stupid? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Richt throw something else out there too. And actually, I'm from Howell Michigan. But you know, what I don't know. I don't want to say this very bluntly. I I used to be fully proud of Michigan. I grew up here. We just legalize legalized. All right. You're cutting out on me, you cut out almost that whole thing something about Michigan just legalize marijuana. Right. Yeah. Yeah. But I guess what? I wanted.

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