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You did last one where you went from top to bottom or we're going to, we're going to start with number wine and work our way to six and I'll just tell you, okay, I will tell you right now, you gotta give away some goods. I have a little surprise for you after I reveal number six, just a tiny little surprise away Win win. prizes in minute seven, surprising. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I have my sixteen my power rankings after after week, one of the NFL season. And then I have a little surprised everyone after that six prizes and then a surprise. Yes. We don't know what they're going to be. Mary visionary. Number one. Number one, I'm gonna get a different sound. Because you wanna do it different, you wanna do it different. So this is your the stugatz power rankings. This is this is you're saying this is the best team in the NFL number one is the best team in the NFL. Yes, I am saying that, but I am waiting for Mike to give me the signal that he has found the the proper sound to accompany this new image ING for this though. Yeah, this served something much bigger than you can't do the stuff that we get them. I'm writing down my own this. If I guess I, I'm gonna give you something on norm Donald here in a second to after we're done with the power rankings, the more important stuff you know. Well, that's not surprised that's the obligated social commentary. Oh, wait McDonald. Yes, he's in trouble in trouble. He's apologizing for stuff. Yeah. Oh, bummer. Okay. I'm ready. You're ready. Number one week one power, rankings. NFL number one. The New York Jets. Yes, I have a football. I have a quarterback. Number two NFL power, rankings, the Baltimore Ravens. Number three, NFL power, rankings. The LA Rams. Like that. Sad. Number four. This might surprise some people. I like this team a lot and they were very impressive week. What? Number four? The Washington Redskins. Number five, he is back. They are back the red rifle and the Cincinnati Bengals. Number six. And did Andy Reid make a big mistake? Because if he didn't make this mistake, you'd be number four today that he's number six, the Kansas City Chiefs. And now here's my surprise. No. Say. Yeah, we got. Right. Oh, it's a seventeen..

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