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Do you think this puts the kinds of cap to with all the behind you now finally well it it it will never be completely behind me i will never get over the the uh the hardship i've been through and the uh i mean this is not only my own but it is a steady of what happened to the jewish people in europe and you can never as a every step from you from your memory no matter what from archives that was former highjumper margaret bergman lambert she spoke as it happens in 1990 six after being invited to be the special guest of the german contingent at that summer's olympics in atlanta as a jewish woman ms lambert had been barred from participating in the 1930s thirty six olympics in berlin ms lambert died today she was one hundred three years old to hear more of that 1990 six conversation with margaret bergman lambert go to our website cbc dossier slash a dj and and and and an for many towns in a labrador highway five ten is the only way in and out if you want to drive the 510 it is but it is a very rough drive and residents have been lobbying newfoundland labrador government to fix it and they say that their concerns have fallen on deaf ears even as traffic from the muskrat falls hydroelectric projects makes the road worse will now one labrador maher is making a radical proposal he wants his town to leave the province and join quebec.

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