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At that time and it was good to see because it's always been k state and football and of course kansas on the hardwood inside that state but for that short period of time it was kansas on both ends of the court and the gridiron yeah i think most coaches would subscribe to that and so once in a while guys foul too early for you try to fallon don't get it called but i think that's part probably the right strategy there you go bob davis look we're going to check in with you throughout the years and really appreciate you but it is great for many kansas jayhawks fans i hear that voice again and know that you are still doing well and how many great years that you put in there your tenure outstanding my best to you the family and is great talking to you bob always great to talk to a legend anytime outstandings off great stuff bob davis kansas jayhawks many years forte state kansas city royals i mean this guy an icon there in the state of kansas and throughout nationally as well break number one comes up we come back we go to the other side of kansas go to the little apple manhattan my good pal wyatt thompson the voice of the wildcats.

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