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Not be to the for the the the player in standard of playing dominance that idea didn't you know this was the total package when you signed this deal I mean. I guess I'm just different I mean I know I agree well been a great pro to me when you play wide receivers catch and ten touchdowns thirty on. look man we we have our definitions of what we want to be this is Eddie B. they know if give their definition of a great pro is what you're talking about they wouldn't have sent him they signed him because we. we are hoping it's not an indicator of the beginning of a rift between him and Mike may I don't know I'm terms on it you know sticking solidifying Tennessee acting like halfway on after the helmet is she was done so you're hoping everything was behind you and then it's like again. here's the deal everybody can't act surprised that when all that is the board over his birthday they had just started I think it's surprises exasperation what well you know to be was a mall in before all this came to light in Pittsburgh the issue is can I'm going to handle it for the time that he will be there right that's the issue may be taking issue with the fourteen thousand dollar fine for missing a walkthrough on August twenty second and previous finds of forty thousand for the time he missed during camp. including the David Mike Mayock issued his ultimatum to A. B. what. backing up a little bit what about the fines in and of themselves to be TI I would find a way around the last time we saw him make a public statement basically put his arms around Jon Gruden the raiders and thank them for understanding what he had been going through and for publicly supporting him now they. I don't know why you do this I don't know why you step on that Antonio brown is a diva wide receiver yes if you didn't know that for certain when you when you sign him you know what within a week of his reporting he pays attention to no rules he thinks himself above the law on all levels he said publicly he lied to you now he put this out the reason they do you think this is Jon Gruden Mike may out playing good cop bad cop bad cop because it was Mike mackerel but what I love about the letter to it's a deer Antonio that easy you know laying out everything that happened is why you're being fined if you do it again we could possibly suspend you I think they're doing the right thing is here's the thing about the Oakland Raiders commitment to excellence the Oakland Raiders have been relevant since space in the eighties and the nineties I get it they went to the Superbowl two thousand and two they lost they had what I wanna say cinematic better than one that's right winning season so everyone looks at the uniform they think it's great it's been a nothing franchise Mike may I ask is there Jon Gruden they're trying to establish something in there so you know what if we're going to have the right kind of culture we can have and your brown acting this way I think they did the right this is interesting that you say it's good cop bad cop with may opt and road I don't think Antonio brown discriminates between people I think you look sad they are coming at me when Mike may I said out loud a couple of weeks ago he's either all in or all out what I think should have been step is the raiders reader all in or all out with Antonio brown I don't think that's all you have the helmet thing if any is missing or walk through I know before a game so do you think the rest of the players on the team I think are the different rules for everybody I think they did the right thing by laying down there are different rules for Antonio brown and Tony brown's mine and what we were going to see I I think you have a good season but I don't I was in on this I would have done for stills know what they're doing they're laughing exactly a laughing at the moment. raiders and Broncos the back end of the money that football double header that wraps up week one on ESPN Texans and saints the opening game seven o'clock eastern on ESPN sports center all night E. S. P. N. radio how boys play this weekend against the giants. and Ezekiel Elliott will be available here the cowboys come to terms on a six year extension worth ninety million overall but fifty million dollars in guaranteed money. bottom line is Jason Garrett as an offense of weapon are dumb backed he was here this morning for the breakfast club meeting at seven thirty and went through the walk through an anticipated practice in today so it's been a big part of our team and works out I'm back in the fold probably real similar to to any player you know player coming back from an injury you certainly have to use your eyes and the expertise of the trainers in the strand staff and everybody or watching him and then you have to get his feet back he knows himself more than everybody else and hopefully you developed a trusting relationship can be open and honest with each other and higher value with the situations. the fifty million dollars in guaranteed money surpasses Todd Gurley's guaranteed money by five million most for an NFL running back. ESPN cowboys reporter Todd archer Stephen Jones had an amended is we're not gonna be a market that are here with this from how he viewed the how the team set the market so if you look at Todd Gurley deal fourteen point three seven five that was a. sheer number over what the second place guy was so the cowboys were willing to make him the highest paid runner but they didn't want to do it in a fashion where it leads a receiver money are clearly near quarterback money or anything like that so this comes in if you look at it I'm six one ninety fifty million year a little bit more than what Todd Gurley got Todd Gurley guarantee was forty five million this one is that borders as said earlier this morning it's fifty million so they're in that neighborhood there in that ballpark where the cowboys can claim a victory and we didn't truly over said the market and you can say I'm not highest paid running back. ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum former vice president of the dolphins says there some guys were worth it Ezekiel Elliott is the best of the best it's really aberrational to do what he was able to do for contracts standpoint he had two years left on his contract and the cowboys could a franchise in for one possibly two years so they really had cost certainty anchor controlled is right for four years but he's so unique in terms of as Jerry Jones said he's their best player so he was able to hold out and get what he wanted Todd Gurley couple years ago was able to do that with two years to go and obviously Melvin Gordon try do the same it was unsuccessful the summer now moving forward for Dallas they still have doc Prescott their quarterback who is a very good quarterback are you really not a leak but he's led them to the playoffs Mari Cooper and Byron Jones I would expect them to get silly don't Prescott because he is their quarterback and I think the market's been very instructive of when someone like Kirk cousins has gone to the market who is a B. quarterback one from the red skins for the Vikings and got a huge contract and I expect them to franchise Amari Cooper you mention Todd Gurley getting paid that was the standard until Ezekiel Elliott signed his contract today Gurley's quarterback tear gas he's getting paid to double more than double the guaranteed money for Jared Goff also from the twenty sixteen draft like Ezekiel Elliott like dak Prescott in terms of connecting those two stories chair drop a hundred ten million guaranteed Z. kill Elliott fifty million dollars guaranteed what do you see there yeah Gerry Goffin benefited from Sean McVay we can talk about it all all the aspects of Jerry dos game but basically he was a one seven before Shaun Murphy showed up twenty four and seven cents went to the Superbowl and Germany trust me I've it's taken me twenty plus years to try to find a quarterback that was like Jared Goff young athletic dependable took his team to the Superbowl he may not be perfect he may not be a top five quarterbacks but he. got paid because it's a really hard position to fill those players are hard to find and he really fits with the head coach so he was the next guy up and the person that's going to benefit the most from jerk offs extension is doc Prescott jerk off happy that he's been flying under the radar straight ahead should team USA be down one more player that's next sports a rolled IT has been radio..

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