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Drain cleaning for only $99. Traffic and weather on the eighth. Rob Stallworth and the W T o P traffic Center. Thanks, Mark We're going to start in Virginia was no problems so far on the Beltway between Alexandria in McLean on the loop on the outer loop, This is passed. I 66 we may have the right lane block for work zone eastbound 66 inside the Beltway. Still a single left lane getting hit by that work zone also eastbound 66 or on the rent from 29 in Gainesville. Go East bound on I 66 the rights on his block for crashing their Santilli route. 50 both ways at Pleasant Valley Road, The fuel spill continues to be cleaned up in the intersection there right now. Two left lanes East. Excuse me. Two right Lanes air getting by eastbound past Pleasant Valley Road. Still just a single right lane squeeze invited past the cracks involving a tanker fuel truck there in the westbound direction on 50 at Pleasant Valley Road That may be there for a while this afternoon. No problems on I 95 ride 3 95 is you make your way between Fredericksburg and the 14th Street Bridge Traveling in Maryland. Things are clear on the loop of the Beltway as you make your way through Prince George's County, but they're on the interlude. Brandt to University Boulevard right side is blocked for crime scene there otherwise, earlier problem on the inter loop after 3 55 with his medical emergency Edison's been picked up and gone. No problems on 27. And to speak of traveling north down on the Baltimore Washington Parkway at 32 left side blocked for the crash scene there that Christ is actually in the meeting causing you some delays North bound on BW Parkway as you head past 1 98 toward 32 traveling on Green Belt Road, Westbound News 65th Avenue in Cherrywood Lane. That was a report of a vehicle fire. We believe that is completely gone and your travel lanes once again have been reopened. W T O P Reporters were driven by Fitzgerald. Autumn are shot Fitz first and save money. Choose from thousands of used cars and trucks visit fit small dot com That's the fits way I'm rob Stole worth w T o P. TRAFFIC STORM Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter still a few lingering clouds, but ending a partly sunny this afternoon. Seasonable high temperatures with highs ranging.

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