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I think they're probably done. Yeah, I mean, there's still this transformation committee, which is in the process of revolutionizing college athletics. It's a great gesture. I'm afraid it's way too late to really make any meaningful impact other than press conferences where administrators get to stand up and pat themselves on the back. But ultimately, I think that that part of the game is over. I wonder if there won't be two separate leagues someday, a non NCAA and maybe an NCAA college league and something like that. I think that's entirely possible. Hey, thanks for the call. Jeffrey is in Hawaii. Hello, Jeffrey. Hello, mister pine, bob. How are you? Pleasure to hear from you. Thank you. Question, I believed in Hawaii for about ten years and I followed the football team and the sports university of Hawaii this last year, they kind of forced out that former ASU coach Todd Graham. I don't know if you heard about it. The players kind of did a little mutiny and it was wasn't a good scene. And there are all these issues everywhere that yeah, but anyway, there are always talking at UH about this culture that it's hard for a mainland guide to come in here and adapt to the culture of Hawaii and they do this with all their sports basketball and I don't really I don't really see it. I don't see that isn't football football once you get on the field and all this other stuff about acclimating there's other there's other schools in the country that also are supposedly harder for an outsider to come into what you're feeling on that. Is that a real thing or is it an excuse or what would you think of that? Well, I've been to two football games in Hawaii and I other than the scenery. It seemed the same to me. I think it's a, I would defer to people that live there and I certainly understand the cultural differences, but I don't think there's any difference between going coaching and Honolulu versus somebody who grew up in West Virginia and spent most of his life in the Midwest going down to Baton Rouge and winning a national championship or something like that. I think with all due respect to Hawaii, I think going to I think going to Baton Rouge is a totally different totally more difficult culture than going into Hawaii. Right, right. And it almost seems like they eliminate 90 percent of their potential candidates because they don't have some sort of a tie, either high school or grew up here or went to school here and I don't know, I just wanted another opinion on that. I will say too and obviously you've had successful coaches out there, but I think the biggest issue for Hawaii is keeping players there as opposed to going to USC or Alabama to be a star quarterback or elsewhere. And I don't think that's going to be very easy. If you had somebody who's part of the culture, is that going to keep tongue of eye lower from leaving? No, absolutely not. Young players are going where the action is right now. Right. Well, Hawaii will open at home against Vanderbilt this year. The aloha stadium was condemned so they put up a sort of temporary on campus. Oh, really? Stadium, yes. It's only got 15,000 seats. I think they're going to expand. Yeah. So what would you I mean, I'm not asking for a prediction, but Hawaii's picked last in their division in the mountain west. I don't know what Vanderbilt is. What do you see? Jeffrey, they're picked last and its division as well. I think it's a critical game for Vanderbilt because they don't have many chances to win this year. And considering that Clark recently said that he's trying to become one of the best programs in the country. They better beat Hawaii. That's a must win game for the commodores. Yeah. Okay. Well, thank you very much for talking to me about that. Yes. So who you got in that game? I think Vanderbilt should win that game. They did Vanderbilt beat last year in one of those they beat somebody way out west. I can't remember. Yeah, maybe Colorado state. But yeah, of course, Vanderbilt does not have many opportunities. So that's week zero big game. And it doesn't sound like Hawaii is in very good shape at all. Lucas is in Ohio. Hello, Lucas. Hey, how you doing, Paul? Lucas, thank you. We're doing great. Good, hey. I'm actually calling here as a Notre-Dame fan out of Ohio. Essentially my question is, I want Notre-Dame to get to the Big Ten. I want these mega conferences to happen. It'll help the college football playoff. But essentially, what it comes down to is I would love to see the SEC schools come up and play up north in the Big Ten Conference late in the season when it's cold. I think this would be awesome for the game. The pros do it. You got to go up to Lambeau, late in the season, play in the snow. And I would be curious as to what your take is on that happening once all this stuff rolls out. So let me take it from there. Yeah, I mean, I would love to see that Lucas in a playoff. I can't see any reason to see that during regular season. I mean, they're used to be a window in November because I've been to a number of games in November in South Bend and in State College where you would have these great intersectional games. And yeah, it was always more challenging for a southern team to go have to play those games. But you're never going to see that again. It makes no, it makes no sense whatsoever to play those games outside of the beginning. But yeah, I think it would make a fascinating aspect to an expanded playoff to have first and second round home games, which was what the original plan was. It got shot down by the three conferences who needed it the most. And I mean, can you imagine a Clemson Michigan game in Ann Arbor or something like that? I think it would be great for the sport and the sport needs things like that as opposed to the sterile stadiums that we currently have, the biggest games of the year in and don't forget this year, the national championship game is in the ram stadium in California. I went to that game four years ago in Santa Clara and I've never been to a worse sporting event in terms of a lack of interest in the actual event where we were. Thanks for the call. Bill is in Napa was not too far from where that game was. Hey Bill guard ahead. I remember that game. It was at the sterile Levi stadium. I remember that game was talking about these. I

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