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Free bottle of this cruel Omega 50. Plus amazing, But now that b 12 energy melts. Why are they here? I said the purity I said, Guys, we're dealing with the 50. Plus is here. Even people of 45 50 60 70. They're having morte. Trouble absorbing the B 12 and B 12 is critical. Do you think b 12 think energy if your energy is low And you're in your fifties or sixties. I mean, it may be a B 12 issue. B 12 helps the body to make red blood cells. We need that to carry oxygen to the tissues. So important for energy. Be 12 helps us to burn carbohydrates and turn them into energy. Be 12 your hair, Your skin, your nail. So these B 12 energy melts here. Fantastic. You put one on your tongue taste delicious chickens later it's gone. And what be 12 energy melts do is they helped bump up your levels of B 12. And if you were a little low on B 12, you're really do feel the difference There. First thing you notice is energy. Everybody's gonna love these two products. Make sure you're one of the 1st 1000 callers. So you get both for free. Just give these a try. You're gonna fall in love with both of you know, Steve, it's really a free bottle, and it really is only 6 95 shipping. It's not one of those deals where If you're one of the 1st 1000 caller shall give you two bottles. But you have to be to shipping charges. Now they come together in one box. 6 95. That's it. Get both bottles for free. Take advantage. You're gonna love it. And you know the other part of that to the shipping is 100% refundable. He already knows you're gonna love it is they want you to try it too? You know you're gonna tell your friends and your relatives and you're left alone. Sisters help here has been doing business forever. They want you to try it. Their products are superior and you're gonna notice it benefits. So here's that number. I want to give out the number real quick for those listening out there. It's 1 805 100. Had 18 42 again. That number is 1 805 118 42 simply call Now purity is going to rush you out. You're free bottle of cruel Omega 50 plus to try for yourself and that's what's exciting about this..

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