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Are you not gonna then place it for the casual better? You'll be legal. You have a legal options, correct? Correct. Then that's if they wanna put those out of business, they got off fair market, you. But you know, if you go all the way there and you're kind of emotional built in, you really not going to place a bet. 'cause it's another forty cents. Some people say no, some people say yes, I think it'll be fascinating to follow. And obviously there's, you know, there's going to be bumps in the road. This is one of the bumps and we'll see how it all shakes out. Agree with that. I hope everybody keeps perspective very, we're creating basically a hundred billion dollar market from scratch your almost here in the US basically. So there are going to be hiccups, there are going to be scandals and they're going to be people screw things up. Handles screwed something up last week about closing before they able to cash tickets and telling people that you know cash the ticket, and then they couldn't do it because the vault was closed. But I think there are going to be some hiccups and some growing pains. We keep them all in perspective burden. We appreciate it as always think I've talked to you more this week than my girlfriend. Hopefully we'll hopefully we'll change talks to in the next couple of weeks. No, then I have heard. Okay. I just wanted to make sure confused there. Go concern. Degenerate, you know. Thanks for being all over it and we'll talk to you soon. Man. All right. Take care. All right lengthy pod, but obviously a lot going on Ben in this gambling space. Anything coming up on the horizon on for Chuck summer's over. I guess that's for sure. We'll have David Purdham next week on kind of running file for the NFL which again, hall of fame game tonight. Re-taping this on Thursday, just kind of gambling storylines to watch. I think you know, Cleveland Browns over five and a half wins believe the Indianapolis Colts now with Andrew luck shoulder looking. Okay. But they have the fewest bets to win Super Bowl at west gate, stuff like that already been a lot of big injuries. I, I think there's a distinction for gamblers versus the common fan, but Daryl Williams the, you know, Carolina Panthers right tackle. That's a big injury, especially when you're left tackle as Mackel. And so things like that have already happened. We'll be following those an interesting piece as well from Purdham and Rosenberg on five ways. Technology can impact sports betting. Whether that's people having sports books on yachts, offshore, people being able to place bets basically on something underneath their tongue. Cyborgs tracking things while very interesting. Scared. No, it's good. Good. All right, man. Good stuff is always going to be back from vacation. It's August football season, exciting times across the sports betting landscape catch you back here next week on the behind the vets podcast, revenge FOX, and thanks, David Purdham and Phil Steele as well. I'm Doug kazarian listening to behind the best you can listen and subscribe on the ESPN app downloaded wishing on apple podcasts..

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