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Looked for this. You can go back and re listen to our our thoughts on the queer rapin later. I think it was phenomenal. There's no contest here because buick eight was in some ways a warm up for books later you know. A key he grew from his writing is experience. In some ways. I think make later A really solid example of why people who say that king peaked in the eighties are super wrong. Just incredibly incorrect. And you can take that to them. Thank walter bang bang bang. He wants to bite more. Let him even if it draws a little blood. let's give walter taste free flash. The blood is full. The iron that you need so bad. I don't have to give supplements anymore my god. I'm of mine source so pause here This is threatening steve I'm going to say each of these jokes and phoenix. You're going to tell me if they're in good enough taste to keep it. Says this is dr sleep versus the institute in round three child endangerment or objection junction. Okay the pinnacle problematic. Whichever joke those all make it in if not. I'll just bleep them. If editing steve is like i don't know about that favorites. The first yeah. That one's pretty good all right. Listen jokes aside. These books that deal with some heavy heavy heavy stuff. They're also kind of their different looks. The same modern fears about once a month. Think of children's stephen king's officially gotten old enough to start thinking that way. He's seen generations. Grow and learn and be influenced by the world and they're both kind of about that in some interesting ways. The institute was released. You need to know this. After and written during a crisis in america where thousands and thousands of children from other countries were interred in low quality horrible prisons and concentration camps at the united states in mexican. Border like that deals with that topic. It's a much. It's a much more timely book for me than doctors sleep. Dr sleep is contemplative. The institute feels urgent..

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