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Gutter gymnast sounded like contest next hour the former louisville coach rick pitino in sixty seconds that stat of the day play of the day what's lot of baseball yesterday randall shambley jonas from gusta doug gottlieb will stop by we'll check in with the cleveland browns based on our interview with johnny manziel yesterday erlangen on of recognition publicity with that some of those quotes which johnny mandel and was he putting blame on the browns they should have known what they were getting so i wanted to talk to mary kay cabin who covers the browns how did this go over with the cleveland browns yesterday and also what are the browns doing at the top of the draft sam darnold came in for his pro day so we'll check in with the cleveland browns a little bit later on he's rick pitino former louisville head coach joining us continental tire coaches corner coach good morning thanks for joining us let's get the possible headline out of the way and that is where you offered the rhode island job no i was not was your agent in any way did you have discussions with rhode island you know i have never talked to yes letting director i have never talked to the president at rhode island i think because i coached in nineteen eighty seven providence college and because i've had great memories and obviously i love to stay very much i think my name was brought up but no i i don't believe there's been any negotiation whatsoever with with university rhode island.

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