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Has now just raised prices, 3% on its Model S and model X, now 87,097 $1000, all are still cheaper than three months ago, printing your airline boarding pass is becoming less common. Alaska airlines doesn't want passengers to do it at all at the airport, Alaska is removing all of its airport checking kiosks, pushing passengers to load their boarding pass on their phone or to print it at home. Summer jobs at 6 flags America in Maryland, the theme park, which opened just on weekends, April 1st. Still has 1000 summer job openings, 6 flags is hiring 15,000 summer employees for all of its parks, 6 flags America will open 7 days a week after Memorial Day. The Dow is down just 11 points. The S&P 500 is up four, but NASDAQ's up 20 Jeff clay will be news. Jeff, thank you. It's one 42 we've been following some breaking sports news this afternoon as Washington commander's defensive end Shaka Tony is among 5 NFL players suspended for violating the league's gambling policy. The league says Tony bet on NFL games during the season, and he's been banned for the entire 2023 season. The team says it's been cooperating with the league's probe. Four Detroit Lions have also been suspended for gambling, lions, wide receiver, contest cephas, quintessa, and safety CJ Moore have been suspended indefinitely for betting. They've just been released from the team. Wide receivers, Stanley Barry hill, and jamison Williams have been banned for 6 games for betting on NFL games from their facility. Morris coming up with George Wallace in sports at one 55. It can be tough for families to avoid overspending, especially with our current inflation. So one of the best ways to avoid piling up debt is having a family budget. Definitely need to set goals that you want to achieve. I know she goes. Harry and Freeman are financial expert in D.C. says look at where you're spending one way to do that is using apps that

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