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He have the call the Breeders Cup. Classic Vino Rosso defeating McKinsey. Todd pletcher Bob Baffert. The trainers of those two horses is respectively and this past week. Bob And todd sat down for a panel that was moderated by Amy Zimmerman at the university. Arizona's Race Track Industry Program Global Symposium on racing and Byron came from the blood horse was there to cover it. He brought you all the information and all the news used very very well. And he's with me now here on the Horse. Racing Radio Network Byron Good Morning. Good morning my thank you for the kind words to say that. Yeah of course course now that you know for those of us who weren't there being able to keep up with it through your articles on blood horse was very helpful and there were looked or no shortage of things disgust into talk about at that symposium and and you had your hands full going through and covering all of those. Let's start with the one that I just mentioned. It was called called a personal perspective of racing's past present and future Bob Baffert Todd pletcher sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics. What were some of the things that stood out to you Byron well They began to kind of recalling their careers and both of them were Went to the university there. But the the meat of the The whole session. There was when they got into topics of Medicaid and both of them support The elimination of lasix. Not so much because I think in baffles. Casey expressed a bit of a fatigue over it. He's kind of tired of hearing about it and in in Fletcher's case. He mentioned that he thinks it would be worthwhile from public perception standpoint. So I think a lot of trainers they see a positive today six in terms controlling bleeding but they also understand the many many issues that are facing the industry right now and that was one of the main takeaways from their paneth. Aw That's interesting that you use the word fatigue. When you talk about Bob Baffert his stance on lasix? I think many of us in the industry probably feel the same way and I I get. Todd's take two. I guess from a public perception standpoint. Although I would argue that I'm not sure that the average fan really understands what goes on in terms of the medication that's used and and there isn't much of it used in our sport today but there are a couple of things What else did they have to say? What other topics did they did? They address I think one of the issues that both of them feel is that many trainers are being blamed for what happened in California or for that matter any breakdown that happens and one of their key takeaways is. There's a whole team of people that are involved in a horse from its days when it's The Mayor Erin the stallion or bread until you know win. It makes it to the race traffic and they talked about transparency and everybody kind of essentially doing the right thing. They're the end users as they acknowledged but at the same time we all have a responsibility to do the right thing as opposed to you know looking in in a short term view and maybe looking for profits more so than say the welfare the Horse. So that's Bedford mentioned. which was kind of interesting? It's you know he said that. Now there's so much. Breeding to cells opposed to breeding race. There was a higher percentage years ago and so now he compared it to you know. They're baking their pie but they don't WANNA eat pie. Meaning the the breeders because pass it along so I think both of them feel feel a sense. That trainers are being blamed for many of the issues that are going on currently yeah one of the quotes that was in the article. You wrote that people can go back to blood lead horse dot com and read all of your articles from the symposium but one of them was Bob saying that the situation in California. It was like a wildfire that got out of control and we didn't know how to put it out. All we did was point fingers at everybody. He went on to say now. I think we've got it a little bit better contained and I guests that that's probably the way most people look at it. At this point I would agree. I would agree. I think you know they made a lot of dramatic changes out in California California particularly in March and of course even till today. We don't know precisely the reason for the rash of breakdowns. I mean we know there's a combination involved but it's very hard to just point a finger as it was the race track or it was medication or was this. It was that so many of the changes they may. Hey were widespread and I think that Kinda for flex in in Bedford statement. That they were you know. Try Try and literally everything And perhaps on some of these issues it may not be related. But it's very hard at this point to say specifically what Are the key elements that did contribute to the rash pounds. There was also a panel that was comprised of horse players that was called listening to the horse racing customer. And Yeah I know that quite often at the symposium they will have horse players come up and address the audience talk about different things that they feel can be done to to support the people that support the game and that's the betters What did you take out of that panel Byron? Well that panel in my opinion was a little little more weight as fresh as some of the other ones because it was a lot of the same topics that have been discussed previously for example things like lowering the takeout got and things of that nature. But having said that you know the reason we're still discussing it is because it really hasn't happened Very much so oh these guys that spoke on there and it was a very well informed. Smart Panel you know they spoke about you know really listening to the customer in terms of okay. Let's make make this game. More appealing Pat Cummings from the survey idea. Foundation was very sad. That horse racing in terms of wagering product is like stale bread compared to fresh bread of of sports wagering. And you know when you look at the difference in takeout. One Bet is superior to to the other in terms of there's a smaller rake On a sports plagiar- or at least a traditional one. And you know we talked about. We have to make ourselves more appealing in the marketplace and that includes things such as transparency having stewards explained decisions. Having you know put people on like trek superintendents to describe how a track is maintained taint so for those people that are you know looking attract bias those kinds of things and of course they they mentioned take out and and desire to have it lower and then someone from the audience Naturally a lot of the audience members at the symposium or restrict executives brought up the fact that you know at Canterbury years ago they took a pretty dramatic step in reducing takeout and they did not see the benefits impact. They took it on the chin. Pretty good so I think. There's a very much a reluctance in in the industry to have across the board takeout Reductions they might you know put a low takeout on a pick four. Pick five something like that. But I don't I think there's a whole lot of support They leased as I'm taking the temperature of a wide across the board reductions. Talking with Byron King From Blood Lead Horse. He was at the symposium on raising Arizona. This past week and Did a great job covering it and Getting those articles out there at blood horse DOT COM It d g get the sense Byron that when you listen to the various panels and in particular this this panel here talking about the reduction and take out what some of the players would like to see done. Do you get that. The industry will listen and that real change can come about from these conversations. Well well I hate to sound cynical because I've you know I would love to see it happen But I think in some of these instances Do a great job of talk and not necessarily implementing it. At least that's been my you looking at it over the years I think you know ultimately ultimately what it comes down to on a lot of these issues is people have to see the horse players. Want a better bottom line obviously right and so do the race tracks so so I think the race tracks want to see returns that they can feel comfortable about so I would say on this particular issue. We're going to need just see. Some horse player really need to embrace these lower takeout wagers. I think if if change is really going to happen and for the next step you know to move forward There's there's no doubt in my mind that when you see certain takeout wagers and when you have carryovers like in pick five or something people really step up and you know really support those wagers and I think you know those that will be the key needs to be going to special. I think both sides for her changed to happen. On this particular point you mentioned Pat Cummings with a thoroughbred idea foundation being part of that panel. I I don't know if this came up at all in the discussion Byron but I'll I'll bring it up now. He the thoroughbred idea foundation had sent out a press release. I guess it was last week I thought this might have some merit. Jim Jim Nance the longtime CBS broadcaster had offered some ideas to the NFL about a Fischel reviews and the challenges that we see so so often now that had become part of the game and he said that he thinks there ought to be cameras in the room when the officials are going to the replay booth going back to New York as it is and so that the fans the viewers can watch the officials. Make the decision on whatever call as supposed to just coming back and saying the call stands or the call has been overturned and not giving an explanation and the parallel they were trying to draw with a thoroughbred idea. Foundation was is that is so so often in this sport we have stewards who make decisions. I La in the Kentucky Derby this year and the decisions are never really explained and and I think that that is a point. That is a big sticking point to a lot of players especially if you have money on the horses disqualified or even vice versa. You'll why what what was the thought process here into how transparent parents in the sport which is something we're always bragging about and and saying that we need to do. Then you know I think that may they have some merit. Did that come up at all. In that conversation we did talk about transparency with Stewart decisions whether or not it would I don't recall it being being in that much detail. Yeah that sounds really interesting to me. I think it's and we've seen I think in some other jurisdictions in other countries as we've seen cameras a little bit in the room with some of these seward's and I think it's a good thing and anytime you show people The process involved breath assuming the people are doing a good job. It will Restored degree of faith. I think in the whole system. I think that's what horse there's players want. That's what anybody wants with an official that you know. They want some accountability there and they want to see done thoroughly and efficiently and all those those kinds of things. I would certainly support that. I think that would be a very very good thing. I think you know there's a reluctance I've seen this over the years with some stores that you know. They WANNA make their decision but they don't necessarily want to defend their Decision and I think clearly there needs to be because or players are disillusioned with many of the decisions that go down or the lack of consistency between race track and racetrack. Yeah many of the racing officials that I know and the stewards that I'm friends with wouldn't WanNa hear that but I think that you know I think it's a bad idea at all You know especially if VR GonNa say that we want more transparency in the sport and we want to cater to the horse player into the fans. This is one way to do it and I know that. I don't think Jim's idea the idea was met with open arms with the NFL. Either but It's it's something to talk about. And it's an idea and it's kind of thinking out of the box and I don't think it's a bad thing Byron King with me here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Byron what other topics or comments stood out to you over the course of the racing symposium. What are the key an interesting of pieces with a mattress Mac or to macphail who is as everyone? Most everyone racing house owned run happy and has promoted that stallion. He spoke he was a popular speaker. He talked to on a wide range of topics From his days in the furniture business he spoke about marketing during one of the panels and he of course for those of Your listeners that follow baseball through the years. He made some sizable butts on the Houston Astros and at some promotions involved With his furniture store and so he spoke about the marketing and I think people were very very much interested in what he had to say. I think people tend to really either like Jim Maggot. Vail quite a bad love. You and there's a little over the top and so he was a fascinating panelist as were a number of the others of you know they had some track surface discussion ocean Michael Dickinson. Who is the proprietor of to Peter Footings and and you know we talked about synthetic tracks and and whatnot and and that was interesting along with the discussion about dirt surfaces so they covered a wide range of topics. And unfortunately I couldn't attend them all. That's the teen or fifteen. Yeah it was. I've been there before for multiple symposiums and they do a tremendous job Did you get a chance to play any golf. When you're out there I did not? I did some hiking however it's It's such a lovely outdoors Corona's a really spectacular place if he loved the outdoors and I I did get enjoy that a new record for loss balls on that course that they have out there uh-huh by where they do the symposium it's a good one and and Certainly I within been playing more in the I'm sure my shots would have landed in the desert more so by Renqing..

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