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It time you are you guys ready for it I'm ready are you ready yeah let's do this. confessional. can you keep a secret. fashions with Donna and Steve. on my. all right. we want to know six five one six four one one seven one. what's the most you have spent on an item with your significant other or no way good one right I I I'd like never do this so we are very. Hey I I we're just very what we what we spend but my siblings they all have stash accounts like they all everybody's got a joint checking account but then some allotted amount were each month they can take X. amount out of the budget and put it in their own stash yeah like you know got a chat you just spent a however sure you won't even that doesn't make any sense to me really yeah I I I think it's good if you're our age extremely independent person prior to marriage. Nancy says. I am. purchase the horse when my husband was deer hunting for the week hi he never asked how much she was. wow horror is going rate for a horse these days online eight fifteen to twenty thousand for a horse I was thinking the upkeep well yeah yeah yeah yeah that are near and bill and the food. a barn. saddle saddle K. handles this a Shetland pony never grow tall. what rental. I think what a lot of questions of course is free that a fortune cookies. my god when ponies their little po yeah yeah you're looking a Shetland pony okay as H. E. T. shirt Limpo they're real Q. Scottish clean a pony they range in height at the at the withers. there. there is the range in height at the withers from approximately seven centimeters to a permitted maximum of a hundred and seven all this is proof you know god has a good sense of humor when these things exist really I think the whole the platypus would say hold my exactly how about the manatee manatees and yeah that's a good one. Stannis says the band without telling that's the subject message getting my hair colored in cuts I don't really hide it I just don't tell him how expensive it is after it's done about two hundred dollars he always acts shocked in says his hair cuts are only twelve and it's a it's true it's Hey you know what it costs money to look this good nine right or this in my case this average thank you Donna Donna through gonna set up blood listen. yeah that was your love does make love talking listen to our two of the podcast if you have no idea or talk about their in tipsy how to quite your inner critic Barbie Barbie crane said I found these amazing tickets for the phantom of six to go to Mexico only two hundred fifty dollars each other in under fifteen hundred for the whole thing that's amazing yeah it turns out they were one way. I know it's been close to another four thousand to get us home like oops barb from the state fair it is working on a meter shirts I'm read a a pretty sure the the this will give her the credit yeah they keep are all right thanks for Allison says ma'am Mexico theme here I was M. seeing a live auction. I am we are offering a trip to Mexico nobody was betting I was getting uncomfortable now I started out the betting. I ended up with a trip to Mexico. what I was dreading calling him afterwards it was hard though for him to be upset eighty five hundred dollar trip to Mexico well that's pretty pretty damn good. that's great newly married forty three right floral was single working mom for a long time my lease was up on my car so I got a new one I was so excited to show my husband my new husband my new car he was not an Foust. it's a great way for the he asked had it ever occurred to me that I should conferring check with him before making this purchase honestly no but I could see his point my god. you know it's we're going from a life of pure independents to a life of compromise that is marriage right that's very true CD says two hundred dollars on a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. turn off your hearing. two hundred dollars on shampoo and conditioner I have to admit. that stuff is expensive it was a possible it's expensive I pay like seventy dollars just for an I. cream. seventy four to be exact wow what a nice well it's not heather said two thousand dollars a night hello. and hearses lots of person here's how nice sales thing began. that's always how it starts yeah you can go out looking for a turn for the are ex that call came to her door two engine fifty I think I said two thousand now two thousand dollar night well you never need to buy a set of knives again yeah those will still look at it that way very expensive. Nancy says about iTunes fifty dollars for a pair of very sexy shoes it was for a lingering you shoot and a photobook that was a gift to my hobby well he wasn't complaining they were too high an uncomfortable I couldn't sell them later so I donated them as well. yeah then why complain at that. it's great they want you to bring for the boat. that they probably had that at the glamour shots. of me. he says all the list is so long sometimes. it's what makes a good marriage he he. yeah don't ask don't tell Dennis of those fees have always been in the garage. I refuse to admit to anything. there is betting that people spend money on. well when we were newly married Jenny says my husband said he was gonna go look for a new car look he came home with a shiny red Cadillac. well when I was a kid I really dreamt of some day have a nice brand new Cadillac. it's American luxury right that's right. who bought one a few years back and he said you know it's really the only splurge and he's always wanted one so what we got one splurge splurges times develop midlife crisis here soon yeah you'll get your ear pierced and ground I don't know guy drove by me and I in a pickup truck on the highway today there's a big but pick up truck and I thought. first much grief is I give the pickup truck guys are kind of like to be a pickup truck got. but then you know what happens what your hall and stuff you're the first call Hey man I just bought a new grill you want to meet me at home depot in four minutes and then he hangs those balls on the back of a truck truck not try. semi ****. I think I've every season. one thing is on the line all right hi gene Jane hello Jane your on line one. I've even done it yet they while I was at the Minnesota state fair a few years back and the other violent Austin who ran a happened. so I put in my bed or sixty thousand dollars. as I thought all this is here to be perfect for our land and and then I got a call later that evening and that they said you're Rollin you won the cabin and my husband look like one. so anyway the deal actually didn't go through if you said you call them immediately and told them that we can. get it there bomber he believe you did that. no I I kind of can't believe I did it too but anyway it worked out we ended up building our own like Kevin Jackson was gonna be my next question okay very good thank you for sharing Jane you're welcome have a good day hello is this V. Ron on the line. he. and buddy man gets in the way of like fun doesn't work you guys you notice that when I bought my son also. why tell the Mrs. okay have you ever have you ever bought something without her knowing. then you can even count. hello how did your how did your son react Ron when you're like a surprise I buy you a house what are the foreclosure condo it I'm fixing up right now and then you get take a mortgage out so you get a hundred and fifty thousand place for about seventy. well good dad to run yeah but I but for Corey all for twenty six thousand she didn't know about it. a lot of it okay. cash well Ron brag brag. a hundred sixty three dollars that's a good flick why don't you just retire run it sounds like you're doing pretty well I've been tryin thank god my wife and retired well yes you say now about one more flip. well yeah I mean all my hunting years so. there you go all right it's good to hear from you yeah thank you don't be a stranger. all right talk to you later but that's the nicest runs ever been to these are the most wonderful son medication. that is true I was waiting I had my body brace from a se accent that numb nuts the. funny thank you everybody for the call the emails the tweets either a Facebook messages we appreciate it we do this every Tuesday at eleven thirty next week we've got to do use a. is it worth it I think we're gonna go as all right here we go let me tell you what next week is already deep T. ever seen here too so prepare this from Donna Valentine..

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