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Star wars movie you're gonna come in you know you are so there's a way to do the marketing but i do wanna touch on because we had talked about this a little bit on twitter before the episode in article at the ringer called psa the margaret trailers are lying to you by kate hallel and it's basically about how many misdirect are in the trailers and some of them are minor and some of them are willfully hiding spoilers and some of them are flat out misrepresentation hero shot in the trailer of all those dudes running at thanos the hulk is in those shots even though he's done in this film other than the first so they actually rendered cg someone cg a fake hoke into the trailer just to deceive people into understanding happening so so any crissy's point jeff i think like the fake trailers are kind of in themselves their own journey being being caught along in this like fake ride that disney's oh you think x going to happen and these you think they're going to zig and zag instead like that that is kind of its own form of delight as well which is different than the delight of going in completely fresh which i know is so i'm just saying there's value to both approaches in my opinion it would be amazing i mean i don't i don't see how you even attempt to sell this movie to a group of people that didn't see this three right infinity war so like just to that the movies coming out you don't not tell them the movies.

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Twitter, Kate Hallel, Hoke discussed on The Filmcast

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