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Out the defensive look is going to be a Llosa Garcia the left back. He's going to be a guy that absolutely controls the match from that left back position making his twenty eighth appearance. It's got five goals. He did score that penalty on that derby day. Matchup and he's got eight assists, which leads the team as well. And the right back. Kevin is making his nineteen. He's got a goal and assist as well. On the season. Previously of the NFL version of Minnesota United. He's also made eight MLS appearances in his career in the holding midfield positions is going to be the Englishman in number eight captain Matt Watson making his twenty four th appearance. The five eleven thirty three-year-old previously played for Phoenix and Vancouver. Martin rennie. The manager of this team has managed a lot of these guys. And a lot of new faces this season as well for Indy. Eleven again in another holding midfield position number six Nico Taryn. He's the books bookstore who they Germany native making his twenty six turn on the season joining him and another central position is going to be Steph Moses the twenty five year old making his fourteenth start on the year. Get score goals so far from from again, another central midfield position. So something to look at it guys. A couple of guys that will be making differences on the wings. Number two and number seventeen. Those numbers belong to the gentleman. Dylan mares five nine twenty six year old and a second stint with India Levin has started ten games. But he's only been on the team since August. He's played in all ten of the games available. Started this last four make that five for tonight. Justin Braun is going to be playing on the wing as well. He wears the number seventeen jersey six hundred twenty nine year old making his ninth start season. He scored four goals picked up a single yellow car. Previously played at the top American division with us USA Montreal meal, Salt Lake Salt Lake City native as most recently played though for Sacramento Republic f c and starting up top guy had a brace only only ten goals on the season. And you got a couple of guys that have scored more than that for Louisville city f c Jack mcnerney formerly of the union made eleven appearances with them Montreal he's played in Portland east played all over the MLS Chatanooga native making his twenty fifth starting the season. There's twenty six year old. So he certainly has a lot of tried left on the tire moving over to Louisville city of see starting lineup tonight. And as we mentioned before, Greg Ranjit Singh. He's. Returning starting lineup making his thirty seconds starting all in all competitions. Excuse me tonight. Louisville city f c joining him in the back. It's an unchanged back line from going back to the last game Alexi taco Oscar and Kyle are going to be starting back there. Those guys have all played well Opoku Oscar and Kyle making their thirty first starts of the season com. Making his ninety nights Louisville city f c start. So now look for him to make the century Mark in the very first playoff game. And of course, speedy Williams and Sean Francis are on international with Jamaica's they take on. I don't know where that is clay, but it is in the cockpit calf excuse me division of fee for so they're out for tonight. Del Piccolo is back in the starting lineup suspended last game for yellow card accumulation, he's a log must minutes on the team across all players George safes the force now McCabe making making their start as well. Brian Ownby is going to be making his third straight start Elliott. He's he's got a goal in two and assists in his last two matches. He's averaging clay get this a goal and assist every seventy. Six minutes. So far this season is ten goals. Excuse me. Eleven goals tennis cysts, by the way, those tennis tied with Oscar Jimenez for most and Louisville city in place so far this season. So those guys we talked about Elliot on the program soccer city earlier today, he's actually can make a difference. Now, McCabe is another guy is going to be playing I expect to see him in the central attacking midfield position. But I like what coach Hackworth has been doing is beginning a lot of license. These guys to move around in a very fluid sort of of manner. So look for those guys change it up a little bit and give these players a couple of different looks. And of course, running and starting lineup ease the newly minted USSL regular season goal scoring champion. He's got twenty four goals looking to quarter century Mark tonight. Certainly a guy who scores important goals as well. It's none other than the magician very bad, man. Indeed Cameron, Lancaster that's gonna do it for starting lineups. Tonight. Clay, thank you, Kevin. And we're now underway from slugger field can can. Time to better that was right on the dot. We'll city f c now underway versus Indy. Eleven here on NewsRadio. Eight forty W H S little city f c presented by UPS jobs dot com. That will be knocked out of play to open us up city. Should have a goal kick for Greg Ranjit Singh. Who is in the blue tonight all out blue for Greg. Usually the Bumblebee in the top to bottom yellow he's in the powder. Blue faira Owain fun Williams is going or so I guess that's a little too close city in their in their home purple playing right to left ended eleven and they're predominantly white affair. They're playing from left to right as as we're looking at it, George Davis. The fourth gets a block on the left side is city. Tried to move it into the right side of the eighteen and couldn't find it in their Davis gets charged for a block as it goes out of play. Good stopped from him is now restart action here from slugger field level city f c versus in the eleven Leepa FC is the proper acronym. Kevin curtain. You can. Spell out there that anybody most people most people don't have your Annunciation skills. And that it's coming from me somebody who does play by play by play broadcasting Indianapolis proximity association football contests. That's what it is. Get that on some more t shirts. As Andy works it down the right side. One at Ryan to be crossed in. But played backout. Good. Stop from city on the left should be a corner coming for eleven on the right? I think that's Watson work. It is way down the right side. A lot of these guys are central midfielders by trade. So it'll be interesting to see how they all line up here. Martin Rennie in his first year in charge of India Levin has trended out several different look so far this year. The forty three year old Scott as previously managed North Carolina. FC back when they were known as rail hawks also managed the top level of of the molested Vancouver. Also internationally in Korean k-league. Here comes across in the inside snagged out the night air by Greg Ranjit Singh. That was as you said Kevin Watson tried to play it into the box and was body. Back out of bounds. City will roll it out to the right side and start up their offense just passed two minutes to play no score Illitch. Now has it here? The right side is surrounded body. Guess they hurt your pregame notes on his stats. Yeah. He's going assist. Six minutes. So easy for them to fly under the radar. When you got a guy like Cambe Ilia illeg for me has been right up there with Cam as as the MVP sort of season for Louisville city. We'll get into all the superlatives. After after the last ball has been kicked in the twenty seven two thousand eighteen season, excuse me. But he's a guy who certainly deserves more attention than he gets. See now trying to get back on defense. This one lobbed off to the right side. That'll be Kevin Venegas with the ball against the Caracas. Venezuela native actually a couple of national caps for his native Venezuela inside. Played back over to the left side could take away from city. Oscar makes the turn it gives to Brian Ownby who just kicks it ahead now balls up for grabs Ilia comes down with it. And now tripped over to the left side, here's Ownby looking for Cam who's kind of stricken down the left side there as I said, they play very fluid sort of we've offense. So it'll be interesting to see how they ultimately lineup this one bounced back out to the midfield. Both teams really on top each other right now not a whole lot of space city, though as out to the right side with the ball here comes Nile now try to make the little switch inside cat. But then retakes the way good job. I now getting his ball back here in the box tries to pass it through nowhere to go. And then why would you take it away Vanegas decides to knock it out of bounds? I guess he was trying to protect Vaughan Williams in the Gulf. But there is no need for that pass. Kevin out sets up a caloms roadhouse corner for city. Yeah. Absolutely. Just surrendering on corner. There have been. Guess had nobody within probably five yards a little foolish play there. I guess he's thinking better safe than sorry. But I'd absolutely could have turned out. He was facing us goalkeeper. So we really wouldn't have known anybody was down on him. But that's where communication comes in. We'll see Oscar ominous with the cabins roadhouse corner. Kick from the left side Oscar been very proficient on the swing ends. He's played in a lot of scoring opportunities for some of the bigger bodies on city Pokka, Craig Lexi, soi he the beneficiaries of a couple of those goals on the header as relying.

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