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And I think I may have just asked if I could come be a part of it and. Zilkha? Yeah. For sure come on out comes on us and sure enough showed up. Yeah. So I show up my tour bus I had in Greenville and Greenville, Charlotte's not that far of a drive. I just hopped on it and showed up I would be embarrassed. If he knew how excited I actually was to get off that bus. On a little taste. Bernie was was on there with me. And it was just my bus drivers. Well, so we park there. I wake up in the morning, a look outside the the bus window, and I see him out there. He did you come riding up in a big old black trope got my big four. Yeah. And he hops out, and it's like it's not every day that you get to see one of your favorite players ever. Like just there. You know what I mean? And I'm I mean, nobody I'm just stepping off my bus. And I'm like, I wonder if he would get mad at fast for picture all that kind of stuff just lane. Didn't wanna be that guy. I didn't wanna be that guy. So I think our first interaction he's on the driving range. Yup. And I walked out there for the first time, and that's golf ball. That was my. First time meeting him in that moment. And I can't tell you how nervous. Okay. So he set the table a little bit. So you were huge Panthers fan. Right. But you sounds like you were really Thomas Davis van a TD this huge TD fan. Huge always gonna to be. I mean have you seen him play? I'll tell you what I wanna do. I don't actually want to do this. But I think I've said this you You did did. I I've said this at one point actually want to put on pads, and I wanna video this. I wanna put on pads. I wanna take a hand off. And I wanna see if I can actually live through a hit. Absolutely. Thank you. We might need to make that happen. So that would be okay. So wait. So when Chris lane asks you if he can come to to be a part of that what's going through your mind..

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