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This time and health insurers must allow employers to continue covering employees even if the employee would otherwise become ineligible because of a decrease in the hours that they work for a week they will be issuing the details of this very soon sometime within the next few minutes I hope let me also we had questions about unemployment and who is eligible governor DeWine along with governor Inslee of Washington governor Dunleavy of Alaska and governor Pritzker of Illinois today sent a letter asking president trump to immediately unlock existing federal funding and the disaster unemployment account declaring that that would declare a major disaster and make funding available for ten ninety nine or other types of and please who currently are in eligible for unemployment or to ask Congress to make this funding available critically for the prompt relief that we need for these employees this is incredibly important that the federal government step in and help us to serve these people who are displaced by the circumstances that we confront in the economy as a result of the of the actions that have been taken to protect our health and safety on a bit of hopeful news I know that the the the governor has really ask the educators of this state state to do all they can in this interim time period to help make sure that learning continues in our schools I I was in the last twenty four hours contacted by Hilliard superintendent John marsh I wasn't who's on our heart the governor for for sport hi and he explain to me that they are doing great at distance learning in Hilliard that they have over sixteen thousand students today logged in to participate in school and to be logged in you have to to take count is participating you have to actually log in and do your work you need to make sure that your submitting the work that your teachers have asked you to submit it really is quite stunning the great work that they have done their yesterday they had over sixteen thousand seven hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred and three students I guess the number was logged in their average February attendance was fifteen thousand five hundred and seventy five so not only are the teachers and the administrators in Hilliard embracing this teacher calling the students just to make sure they're they're getting them involved but the students and the families are responding even at a higher rate than they did normally in the months preceding so it's just one case but I like to highlight the cases to show that it's possible and then our educators and our families are taking their education seriously super important and I know that that that other schools around the state are doing this and all those educators to be commended because they had to turn this around quickly they find out at the end of one week and many of these schools by the beginning or the middle of next week had the services up and running I want to also add some some business best practices the governor talked about his enormous responsibility to find a balance between the health needs of the people of our state and the economic and business and work needs of the people of our state this is a repair C. span radio programming from Friday and over the last twenty four hours actually forty eight hours we've been in touch with lots of businesses asking for best practices and imploring and frankly demanding that they execute these best practices in some of these you've heard before but I will take the liberty for any business person who does not I know exactly what we're talking about to hear these once again businesses are taking the temperature of their employees if they have that capability at work or before they go into work they're asking employees to do that at home if they don't have that capacity they are dedicating people to specifically clean all of the service the the surfaces door handles rails all the things where somebody might touch them they have dedicated adding dedicated personnel to clean their surfaces they're removing chairs from areas where they're too close together and we're people can congregate there staggering breaks and lunch areas so that people don't congregate in one location they are carrying out the six foot rule and I and I know that one suggested that we had from a small business that they did coffee shop we don't want people with carry out business and delivery business going on in our restaurants we don't want people congregated tightly aligned they put pieces the tape down on the floor with the sign that says every six feet please you know respect one another and that's capable anybody's capable of doing that who similarly situated they've ask employees to stay at home after work and to not travel outside of the workplace exhibiting if anyone is exhibiting any symptoms they immediately send them home many businesses have gone to a and B. ships so that they can spread out the number of employees they might have one group of people work during the day and the other group work in the evening so that they can avoid tight congregations we'll have also identified an individual at their particular facility or in a particular part of their facility to be in charge of enforcement of these rules to own it to make sure that the the rules that they establish are being implemented system wide this is Ohio lieutenant governor John Huston live coverage or making sure that there's available sanitizing supplies for their employees there banning any gatherings without personal spacing we see that here in the state house when there are meetings that go on where you you have to spread people out so that they are not close together when you're doing your work but no community gathering space you may have a coffee maker people gather no more you gotta stop that kind of stuff you can't have people going in to the same location gathering without it being clean and sanitize no shearing equipment without it first being disinfected and obviously the one that doctor actin and we all talk about all the time washing your hands not touching your face these are all things employers are doing to make sure that they're acting responsible but as the governor noted he and I both get these messages of employers who are doing these things for those of you are keep doing keep leading for those of you who are your acting irresponsibly and you're putting us all in jeopardy and it needs to stop grocery stores I have been talking with grocery stores over the last twenty four hours they are all hiring they are in some cases even offering bonuses for people who who are working there and people who will sign on with them and they are essential to our supply chain hi and they ask that everybody be patient in cooperative and not treat their employees or other customers with R. O. de don't fail to treat the employees or their customers with respect we have to respect each other and that brings me to just the final couple points I want to make all one of these grocery stores told me about it really a fight breaking out between customers over toilet paper over twenty paper I come on folks we have to be better than that we have to be better than that we got a treat people can treat each other better than that we got to respect people in their workplaces but I also tell you another story story of Regis at state employee person is vital to keeping the technology behind the unemployment system up and running over the course of the last week they had a loved one in their family sibling who is suffering from cancer who is on their death bed I and they chose not to go visit them because they had to keep the system up and running for those tens of thousands ultimately hundreds of thousands of people who need it it was a selfless act what you put those two back to back and think about it which side of this you want to be on which side of this do you want to be on how do you want to remember yourself as we went through this because tough times reveal our character they'll reveal this is being selfish or selfless and that's also true of our society hi think about this in those terms how do you want to think about yourself on the backside of this when we got out you want to remember yourself as somebody who contributed to the good of our world to give our state or do you want to be fighting in a grocery store over toilet paper what better than that it's time to lift our spirits to the calling of our our better angels hi and I know that we're capable of doing that for those of you who are thank you inspire others I was said today isn't certainly a somber day and both John I've pointed out.

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