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Conversations this hour we are continuing the conversation about the protests and demonstrations that we're seeing across America across the world and right here in Milwaukee right now we're gonna be talking to the director of the center of urban resource teaching and outreach at Marquette University Dr rob Smith he's also a resident historian and America's black Holocaust museum right here in the city of Milwaukee and I do want to preface to know that this is his perspective he is talking again from his perspective he is not representing the organizations that he works for Marquette wore the black Holocaust museum it's been over a week since the murder of George flight at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer there have been protests we've seen demonstrations taking place all over the country and world since then do you believe the death of George Floyd is the tipping point for some real change in this country well it certainly could be and I say there has to be because I mean our nation under no uncertain terms in the coldest of war Malcolm all war does not necessarily have to look like the eighteen sixties but we are at a moment where the lines are drawn in the line of Bombay clearly in those lines that line represents those of us who basic formality basic human dignity and the assumption is also on the other side of that line I'm not in favor of those and that means that the the killing black people in particular the killing of other folks that handle law enforcement the judicial killings longer for both of the pace trial lawyer for folks believe in any case and then charged with the crime the killings have put our nation where are we in the middle of a fight that is really based on what our nation stands for and who we are going to be able to actually if we're going to be the nation's legal claim could be here domestically and internationally we have to make changes and those changes have to be broadband to be weeping and they have to be square and we we are calling on are you our official law enforcement folks who are oftentimes painted being on the other side to come over to the side of justice now is the time if we don't install now he will continue to watch our nation qualify under as an African American leader in the Milwaukee community what are your feelings right now of where we are at this point in this city and in the country well I think both in the city and the country what we're seeing today why in diverse body of Americans one woman we believe that the trainer we spoke about yes we have to occur and they have to occur not only in terms of massive changes in our criminal justice apparatus mainly police are going to have to be held accountable those who are leaders if the provider the director of the police department and police forces have and call the man that those who opposed to protect our society and we do that and then being being very racialized nature of police and the racialized nation the nature of our criminal justice apparatus it cannot continue in the way that it has progressed over now several hundred years fifteen point and all the young people young and old our industry colleagues could change cannot be met with brute force in the nation and violence because these are American citizens who are simply the mandate that our nation made good on that promise and that is that is not a call order we have seen several police departments from around the country I understand very clearly that they have to become a part of that change the older models that hopefully will catch fire with police departments across the country so the others emulate it and not only about police it is also about the failure of political leadership both at the local state and national level your your party affiliation cannot dictate your response are your long standing racial prejudice and prejudices cannot dictate your response the only response that we can address the fact that we can move forward in the response that value to my life and you know as as journalist we need journalists to stop talking about building the despite being burned up the destruction of property property right cannot be weighed more heavily than human rights the human cost has to be at the forefront of this conversation you know and if we see it time and time again a lot our public discourse before we've even actively address the him a lot you start talking about property unless you're completely unacceptable because we know that property destruction if you currently have to handle a very small number of people compared to the thousands upon thousands of people who have been demonstrating peacefully the numbers of folks who are.

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