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A house committee's investigation into possible. Obstruction of Justice corruption and abuse of power by President Trump is being labeled ridiculous by the president CBS news, Nicole Killian has the latest as he signed an executive order aimed at reducing veterans' suicides. The president called the latest democratic leading Corey a disgrace to the country. I'm not surprised that it's happening. Basically, they've started the campaign. The House Judiciary chair has requested documents from more than eighty people and entities associated with Mr. Trump to probe. Whether he's obstructed Justice. Abused his power or benefited financially from his office. The president says he'd rather see Democrats focus on legislation actually things that we agree on like infrastructure, but they want to focus on nonsense. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House. Hundreds gathered in Orange County to express their outrage over a Nazi theme party, some high school students held over the weekend photos of the party appeared on social media. Jewish students say they're not surprised apparently swats because are carved into bathroom walls and desks on campus. Saddened me, a little is that one of the people at the party who reach out to me, and was defending them threatening me his excuse was that he's Jewish and that just goes to show, you how this antisemitism ingrained in our society goes to brainwash someone who's has that as part of their identity. It's believed that students from three Orange County high schools attended the party they are likely to face suspension. We now know that a third San Diegan was among those killed in a helicopter crash in Kenya. The mayor of Coronado confirms that Dave Baker a resident of Coronado was killed along with two other local entrepreneurs during a business trip. There Baker was a forty eight year old father of two t really live life to the fullest. He he loved his kids. Is a great family man satis. This day has been Dave the kind of guy that you just can't help but smile when you think about him he whenever he walked into a room. He would make everyone feel special San Diegan, Asher Burke, and Brandon stabber were also among the five people killed in the helicopter crash cause is under investigation. But wins are believed to be a factor. We're hearing from two young sisters who survived forty four hours alone in the northern California wilderness. AM seven sixty s Dan noon has the story eight-year-old laya Correo and her five-year-old sister Caroline were found safe Sunday morning after getting lost in the woods Friday afternoon. They had wondered about a mile and a half away from their home. In Ben bow in southern Humboldt county, the girls say they took a wrong turn shelter tree close to the ground. And we had my sister's range.

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