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Black community in America and it's fully embraced by Liberal Democrats and others one can imagine if the opposite was true because the origins of that organization are awful it was begun with racial eugenics in fact on Margaret Sanger and written stories about blacks being like weeds in it be pulled out of the car round and so she added or Planned Parenthood clinics or whatever maximum affect on persons of color but every time there's someone Liberal Democrats black white no otherwise will stand up and say that's a woman's right to choose but they're not located in white suburban areas are located in the black community within walking distance of seventy five percent of African Americans because that's the intent and the intense been played out hasn't it exactly that's right and you know when that says that's another thing that Michael Bloomberg did in twenty eleven he tried to get through a gag order actually imposed it is been overruled in the courts on on pro life crisis pregnancy centers to try to set up in these communities to offer alternatives to women and those who say they are pro choice but they don't want to pro life choice presented especially for poor and minority women because the goal is to reduce their numbers by aborting their children well no question what is your what what is your website Rick can show all this thanksgiving weekend if someone wants to be in touch with you in the Catholic League Catholic League dot org go to our website you can follow what we're doing find out how to join and support what we're doing do any questions for me about sports politics world capitals something is confusion over the years I can help you with twenty twenty specially in the sports world today but but we'll leave that for another time ray Kinsella director communications thank you very much for coming on the bill Cunningham show thank you thank you so much.

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