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A big hair delegates would they he? He a cool dude. He needs to be injustice. Dharthi live action series. I want to say one more thing before on. Hbo Yeah Okay. Yeah. That's what's coming. I do want to say one more thing before like breakdown. This film during my rewatch pretty much watched them in release order. Except I mixed up. Justice League thrones of Atlanta's out there and he's on a Batman. Because if you watch you watch son of that man that inverse robin son of a bad blood in teen titans Jews contract and then this it really is. If you're looking at a story Art Damian has the best story arc out of any characters whole continuity because he's in a majority of the film and he has a great story arc will good now now that we're GONNA shift new. Now we can get a solo night wing film. Thank you I mean he he got screwed in the Senate. He was never in his own film the he was in every in tights. We got close with that. But can we talk for a minute about night winging this you had kitchen? Yeah I mean tread lightly No they did him a very real disservice. Lot OF CHARACTERS DISSERVICE. In do you know first of okay? They take them out in that way but then they do the bring him back. But then he's and I. I'm sorry can we just do? I have to really go into my whole thing about you know. Dc and toilets because Lazarus pits. No I mean how hearing his frigging cost to in a straitjacket. Locked away in the basement of the illness ass. He's acted man. There's toilets headed layton flash if or how does he use it if he's a straight he's saying he's a Boston away? Okay okay in fifty two boxes. Are you gonNa tell me the first thing that doesn't teach you how to get out of a straightjacket? Oh Oh oh I have to go poop. Let me dislocate my shoulders. Get Out of this straitjacket back into it just out of remember. His mind is not right. Not Daily put typer. Now let me let me say this because I don't know because we do have an ending for this for this show that I thought I thought the idea of you know we pay terrible costs. Yes we got a couple of get outta debt free cards..

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