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They're one of the ram teams because luck already been paid. Oh, yeah. He he's doing the thing. Now, it's like luck. And Russell Wilson are like the best values because they got paid so long ago that they're cheap now. Right. But you've got Rosa wasn't looked like the next two years making like twenty five mil MI one like Derek Carr and staff Stafford are making like thirty one. Yeah. They're both my colleague junior eight to see. You've got your quarterback. You won ten games you the most cap space like spin now like there's no windows been now. Yet. Go out get another receiver. Abraham was an incredible hit. And if they can get like ballet or just someone compliment Marlin maximal, I still don't think my MAC is an answer. I think it can play in the league. Obviously, I don't think he should be lead bag. I'm I think because I wanted Bill there. Now, I think I want like I was like, I don't know any of these receivers and T Y Hilton was so hurt. He couldn't run Sunday race on like Randall Cobb, and golden Tate is like he's just got weapons now. And then you sign lie on like seven Coleman to go with Marlin, Matt. And then I I said what I was like whatever defensive lineman falls on the draft. I'm making sure I get by like some one of them's gonna fall by Oliver's there, Tim, I'm trading. Terrify like you add Oliver you signed d Ford clowney when he's pass rush guys. There is Leonard to star now. Oh, yeah. Like me cookers good outside another secondary guy. And I'm good to go like their lines are good. They're like they're set. They've got one hundred million cafes one ten times tab in history enough. It couldn't have those yet. You just like golden Tate Randall Cobb. Here's like two years thirty million right? Guarant- comply with Angela play in a dome. Come win fourteen games with complained the AFC self. Say no more. So you're going Houston. Baltimore. I wanna I'm tempted to go colts. But now, I just I think the Sean doesn't man they're at home. They're playing well at home. They started their Lebanon, five miles. I they were like one in four so. Yeah. No, they they bounce back in a crazy way. I feel like the Sean said like a really good season despite that first month, especially coming off the ACL and blame with broken ribs having to take buses to games night. Great so injured that's the only that's why could see the Cocos with like fuller. Went out the Maurice's out. Hopkins is hurt. At a certain point. I do think it where does he go their land already stinks? So it was time to find people so colts might but I'm just I just wanna see the Sean do ongoing Houston. Someone tweeted on the other day, and and BIC tried to prove it rocketed couldn't. But it wasn't like he was trying to be dick. He just it was like an unbelievable staff to Sean and his whole college and pro career has never lost by more than a score in a game, which you started. Yeah. Just doesn't Ludhiana that isn't prison. House this week. Forty four to seven. So I want to go with the same mostly because I just wanna play Houston more than anyone few. And then Dallas Seattle. I like I like, I I haven't looked this up, and I said this on the act too. I feel like when these teams play no matter what who's on. What team? It's always a good game. No yet minutes back when Roma was fumbling. Snaps. From Luna extra points going. I'm taking Dallas though. I don't hate it. There. I like them needing the comeback against the John understand this division rival. But man, they stink putting up no points against the colts two weeks ago on very troublesome. And if it was any other team, maybe I just think Seattle does it like Rosa wasn't amazing..

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