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Your immune system function better. Dave shown, not only does a probiotic, correct? Problems. What do you mean system, like allergies or inflammation because probiotics reduce inflammation in the brain? Probiotics. Reduce inflammation, heart. Probiotics. Reduce inflammation brush, probiotics. Reduce inflammation. Digestive. Tract Nicole him. Probiotics. Reduce inflammation in the liver. Probiotic literally, reduce inflammation in your lungs and your heart. So they really help reduce the bad parts of the immune system. Things that go wrong, but they helped you immune system fight cancer. And it helped him you system. Fight infections, better rudder, amazing. So because we're having our president's day show. Everything's on special are probiotic would be on special. Now, what do you do for kid? Well, kids can't swallow capsules they don't get it opened up the probiotic and spill a half a capsule into their food and to whatever they're drinking or into their yogurt or into. There's nothing wrong with that these probiotic stranger perfectly fine and a one year old two year old five year old they'll be healthier, but they don't need as much as you just give them half a capitalist. Plenty so show a full capsule last a kid today's now how long do the kids need to probiotics for not as long as you. I mean if a kid had an infection or if a kid had. How do you use an antibiotic or something within a couple of weeks they'll be back a pink? But it's different when you're over fifty. I don't know why. But study after study shows when you hit your fifties. Your body starts to kill off your probiotic bacteria. So when you're over fifty at smart to take a probiotic, I take it every day, my wife takes it every day. I think once they get established you could take it every other day or every third day that should be good. So if you take out probiotic every day for three months you've established good bacteria. Now, you want to keep them going, but your body's fighting you and killing them off. So take the probiotic every two or three days like a booster like a booster? You know, how you have to get a whooping cough booster or tetanus booster? If you're in construction while it's a booster. It'll it'll bring back your probiotics. So we're talking about really healthy very beneficial supplements. Right because everything's on show. I can do it cartilage H X, calm legit checks works like a charm. So it's for the most common type of arthritis osteoarthritis. On the end of your joints, your joins us where your bones meat. So it's like a hinge she could bend Uni and walk and stuff or pick something or put your arms, but you have to prevent the bombs from grinding together and banging together. Otherwise, you're going to break down the end of the bone. And you're going to be in the world of hurt shoulder prevent that from happening. There's too slippery stuff. It's a slippery as an ice skating rink. It's called cartilage, it coached the end of the bones and makes them move smoothly. Over one another. So there's no friction and also would absorb shock like when you're walking when you're jumping when you're lifting up a package. Wear and tear. Arthritis is the most common arthritis affects over twenty five million Americans. It's called osteoarthritis nuts. The real name. It's not wearing it's Oshawa threatening at damages to slippery stuff. The cartilage that covers your bones that allows the bones rub together and the bone and quality breakdown. They break down literally people would osteoarthritis wear and tear arthritis to enter their bone of broken down and is shorts bone little tiny little tiny microscopic pieces of bone. It feels like glass or sandy nutrient. So over time, it can even change to the joint shape. Like I've seen people with severe arthritis in their knee where the knee joint is sticking out two or three inches. It's unbelievable. I don't know how they function. Now, some of the treatments for authroity is the proper exercise and losing fat losing fat losing extra pounds. There's medications, but they only work for certain amount of time, and they have consequences. Most of the medication for the for for authorized are talking to your hearing show you develop tonight us aspirin advocate. Celebrate you develop bringing new years. They could be a little toxic to is. They could cause posterior capsule or cataracts. There could be toxic to the kidneys and can damage kidney function. Many of them most of them except for celebrate caused dangerous life threatening bleeding in the brain. And he is the intestines. They can also caused the legs to swell. High blood pressure heart failure, heart attacks and strokes. That's all of them. But some are more likely to do it like dyke law Fennac, which is Voltaren is more likely to cause a stroke or heart attack. Then Advil, an Advil is more likely to cause a stroke or heart attack. Donna leave. That's the truth. I mean, I've read the studies. But the problem is they don't prevent joint from breaking down. They reduce your pain today. You take it. But they don't prevent the joint from breaking down. So they work this year, but they may not work next year because you join us in such bad shape next year. They can't prevent the joint from getting worse and worse doesn't include Shaw brick style. Includes advil. Dive include Jesper down includes Tylenol all there's no drug that prevents the joint from breaking down. Caudal J checks helps prevent join from breaking down to help prevent it from getting worse and worse. So it works today. It can still work two or three years from now because the joint hasn't progressed and for as far as the damage. So whatever the Chevy accomplished and you join today if you start only cartilage H X today, it'll prevent it from getting worse tomorrow. That's pretty cool. I've been on college h X for over three years and my knee pain went away and it never came back. But I take it every day if I stopped taking it. I'll be in trouble again, probably. So here's nutrition journal, it's thirteen different clinics. The thirteen different clinics are being. A controlled study by the university of California Davis. They're musculoskeletal their joint disease department soda coordination between the coordination between the thirteen different clinics. Or orthopedic clinic joint health clinic is being run by the university of California Davis. And it's two hundred and thirty four people enrolled in the study Debbie twenty age of forty to seventy five they have severe joint pain severe osteoarthritis is real damage to moderate to severe. And they gave them the Cartlidge H X or they gave them placebo or they gave them glucose Franken Roydon now the glucose ring conjoint absolutely helped. But the college was better twice as good. So let me explain what that means. Glucose Amine, Conroy work as well as celebrates Advil and Aleve. The cartilage h X was twice as good. As to glucose, Conroy meaning over time to call the checks is twice as good as celebrates Advil and Aleve. That's what that means. It's published in the journal called nutrition journal, which is a great journal. How do I know my son is one of the editors of the journal? That's how I know. But I also been following the researching in nutrition journal for many years, it's a great show. So when they gave people with severe joint pain and damage to the joint cartilage H X it had a real a significant a clinically important medically important effect. It literally improved air Womack dramatically. In other words, it was really relieving people's pain. It was really improving their stiffness like getting out of bed in the morning or getting out of a cheer, and it was really helping restore physical function effectual effectual. Now, here's what I find what my coins. There's a good trajectory even in people with severe knee pain. People have had knee pain for twenty thirty forty years. People have been using a cane for two or three years. Within the first week. It's a little better by the second week. It's better yet by the third or fourth week. It was good enough to reduce my pain completely. I was running up and down the stairs. Where before I had to hang onto the handrail. For people with really severe pain could take a full too much. Now, don't get me wrong. They're getting better every week. So there's less and less pain every week. And people with severe pain within the first month or so it's matching the effects of Advil and leave. But by the second month, the pain is gone. That's what the research shows. That's what I experienced. That's what my clients are experiencing, and you only need to take one a day. Take it in the morning. You can take it alone. Or you could take what food you could take it on an empty stomach with food. It doesn't matter. And you'll see week after Wiki get better and better and better out about two months at doing the best ever come. So whatever joint relief you're getting in the first month of two that's what you're going to expect for me. It's been like a miracle. Total reversal of joint pain and suffering and stiffness. I can run I can ride a bike. I could I could I whatever I wanna do hiking. I'm going uphills. No problem whatsoever. Running up and down the stairs fifteen times a day. Nothing zero pain. I had a guy. Named joe? He had used a cane for two or three years. He went on to college h checks at the end of two months. He didn't need to Kane anymore. In fact, he had forgotten about it. He had forgotten about he remembered it because I was talking to him about it. He hadn't used a cane and six months she had had been forgotten in his trunk of his car. That's the kind of reports will get another lady she had pain severe pain for forty years. This is the first time in forty years that she doesn't have to take pain pills. She doesn't have to rely on Advil or leave. She's walking two three four miles two or three times.

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