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Day the message needs to get out because. You got leaders that keeps saying everything's okay as a cargo is not okay you got a lot of. Comedies on the south west and east side and no economic development but on a north I really feel people live in a real real joyous a good life over here and because violence persist. In. Some Chicago neighborhoods Hardiman and other organizers say Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and police superintendent Eddie Johnson. Need to step down Streets our streets and shut it down have become common refrains at protests across the country in recent years many prompted by, fatal encounters between. Police and unarmed black men early last month demonstrating Chicagoans to. Over the lanes of a major expressway as they called for an end to city violence and neighborhood investment now comes today's protests aimed at lake shore Dr Mitchell moss the director of the Rudin center for transportation at New. York University says. Using roads and, infrastructure has become a central feature of this country's protest movement in, the twenty first century in part because I. Think they're much more of, and part also because the protests affects many more. People Chicago police spokesman. Anthony Guliani says there will be several hundred Chicago, police officers present at today's event. Were there to protect their right to demonstrate but at the same time, we're not, going to disrupt activities out. To ballpark we're not gonna tolerate Civil disobedience or any type of illegal activity the, organizers say the effort is not just a. Push for awareness but for, change and that often doesn't come without discomfort Cheryl. Corley NPR news Chicago.

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