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I'm sure they'll get an amazing hand when they walk into the stadium the vikings prepared for this weekend's nfc championship game by watching film of players slipping and falling shouldn't they have been going over plays or something all know the field in philadelphia is a mess and was a mess during the game against the falcons the falcons were on the one yard line and we're ready to go into too hard touched on it probably would have won the game and they're running back just fell down twice there was no confidence in the footing there so the vikings are not taking any chances until wednesday night charlie there were six college basketball coaches men's and women's coaches who had presided over a thousand wins and now there are seven and i have celebrated the achievements of barbara stevens coach of the women's team at bentley university before and i'm biased she's a friend your turn she finally gown i'm so i sell very happy for next stop springfield i hope outside of gino auriemma and pat some and i can't think of a better women's basketball coach ted williams allegedly said that he would have preferred to play baseball in an empty stadium to minorleague hockey teams had an opportunity to do that on wednesday night 'cause the home team charlotte checkers didn't want their fans to drive through a snowstorm what this ever happen in boston chicago or montreal this is an argument for going back to the original sixyear meld them the great thing lies they also went with a skeleton crew for the game and the finance guy was the pa announcer in one of the ticket guys with the guy cleaning the ice and if i might add the chief operating officer of the team was running the music in the empty arena neither needed music in the empty arena is anybody's guess as of wednesday twenty eight thousand pittsburgh pirates fans had signed a petition asking major league baseball to force pirates owner bob.

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