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And weather together every ten minutes on the fives years Logan. Dave. Have a Sigler for Irvan on the northbound fifty five before MacArthur. It's crash that left. It's actually blocking the carpool and two left lanes there and jammed up the drive on northbound fifty five from the Seventy-three could use the Seventy-three access the four oh five and past the mass Anaheim hills. A busy drive on the ninety one east. It's sluggish from imperial highway over towards the two forty one no crashes just a busy afternoon Costa Mesa four zero five north just before Euclid. Got a stall the tow truck in lanes there backing up traffic from harbor on that northbound four zero five Sigler issued in Kostanic for the five north of template highway. It's the two right lanes taken away. This is for the fire department there blocking that dealing with a brush fire in the area, the fire itself, not affecting freeway traffic, other than the fact that they are blocking those two right lanes. So you'll see some slowing as you approach San dealing Carson on the one ten pass over the had a car that hit the Senate divider following a hit and run crash. You've got the fire department on the scene there and they're blocking the right lane. And that's what's backed up that northbound one ten from Pacific Coast Highway. A crash with two cars on the ten east. This is just before Baldwin park boulevard. And it's keeping you sluggish coming away from the six zero five you're going to stick with us. Reduce speeds all the way over towards a Susa avenue and then Twardy on the two ten tennis just before the six zero five two car crash in the left lane. Really starting to cause the slowing out of Pasadena now on that eastbound side of the t- ten north before fourth street downtown cleared the stall from the middle lane, but it's still busy from fourth street up towards the four level. Southbound one zero one loads up from sunset stays pretty heavy till Silverlake boulevard, and then speed starts pick at but stay slow down towards Glendale boulevard. Your next report to fifty five I'm logging. Davis report traffic reports.

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Sigler, Costa Mesa, Logan discussed on KNX Programming

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