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All right you losers this week Brent and John Dive into the way back machine and release a special cafeteria fifty-one. This was their episode on Retro Snacks. They did for the original run of red or fed. I hope you hate it. It's following is hun production or two wind. Welcome in to another edition of rat or fad. Where everything's made up in the points don't matter I am your host John Goforth long with me my esteemed colleague Brent handprint sale load. Everybody a hello. Hello thank you John. Everyone out there in radio land. We welcome you back into episode number two where we will initially already be changing the format. It is still called ratified but this time around. We are not going to look at one particular movie. Tv show video game whatever it is and determine whether it was rather fat in fact we're going to look at a whole genre things and go one by one and say if each one of them are. Radyr fat and tonight's topic is Brent. It is eighties and nineties snacks and candy. We're not giving up on our original theme just tonight. There are so many candy so many foods that we wanted to touch on so our initial thought was fruit roll ups and then we thought about the idea of doing a forty five minute podcast about for roll ups and there's only so much you can talk about hydrogenated corn oil and pair puree smoke. We decided to expand just a little bit. Someone's been reading boxes. And I I'm a big proponent of calling the show ran or fat tonight because we have a fuck ton of candy to eat. That is probably disgusting. But I'M GONNA pretend it's delicious. We'll see and we will determine if it was deliberate and just back then or if it still is today but before we get to that. I want to. We're going to introduce a A A segment into this show outside of what we normally do. It's going to be called the retro Rewind House after bringing up our production value an echo to that one of the big things. It's not exactly came out this week. But it's been big as the upcoming in. Es Classic Edition Mini Console. Have you seen that? Yeah absolutely I was perplexed by a couple of the game choices. Actually I thought I thought it was a pretty good game lineup. Thirty thirty games the two things I saw not your thunder here but I read up on this one. They're doing Super C instead of regular contra. That's a big thing. Everyone's going why it just doesn't make any sense. I mean Contra is one of the classic of classics and the other one is from wrongdoing. Double Dragon to instead of the original Double Dragon. I'm okay with that but yes yeah okay now I I need to kill that guy at the end of the stage of stage one by throwing him down the pit the pit. Yeah couple things about that. That's kind of cool. So it is an emulator which into knows when using in there we and we you emily and their games when it does have hd my output it has pixel perfect rendering crt mode. So even if you're on your big eighty four inch crt mode and see what it used to look like. That's actually kind of cool. I guess black box in it exactly like you'll have on the sides and it'll be your four three early. That's the way I read it. I put about four and a half seconds in the researching this. Oh well then. I first week. We're doing a new segment. Let's wait to come out of the gate strong so that's been big in the news. Probably everyone's expecting me to be talking about Crystal Pepsi but we're skipping that we decided straight to crystal meth that what you know we're actually We're planning an upcoming just on on eighties nineties retro drinks things we remember from our childhood and I'm sure that'll that'll factor into it. I got two more things both of them this very way. I have one more question on the ASS so thirty games. We all know that anyone who wanted to play these games before this thing comes out already had an emulator whether it's just on the computer where they went ahead and did something they're gonna come to the TV or they bought one of those many weird controllers that you plug directly into your teeth. Ten Games on ten goes goodwill and they've got four of them even if those things were If they actually went after the IP rights released it on the surface to me. There seems like not much of a reason to buy this except for except for the algae of the look of. It were factor. It's tiny is there. Expandability is my question. I'm understanding no. Now I'm guarantee you someone will hack it and they'll be able to add in things like that from the get go now by someone. Do we mean Grignon. I don't believe in doing those things out Sacramento very much. All are retrofits having to do with games the next to her about steam and something that hits close to home for you and I day of the tentacle remastered is available on Steam. That EMON TODAY. I read sorry. There's just silence out of me because I was biting my fist screaming in absolute in sheer joy because the biggest day of the tentacle fan out. There they did the remastered version but they only released it on on. Pc and PS four which this steam team yeah. I'm an xbox one guy at least as of right now there is no xbox one version. I'm a PC guy. So I don't give a shit about you. I guess that's tough but fair. And then a sticking with that another emulator if you don't have scum at home and he'd been begging for all the Lucas Arts Games. They're being released on steam as well. Now the Kings series was already on there. But we're talking police quest collection. Gabriel Knight Sins of the Father Sends the father though I had an intel pentium one and I was awesome with my twenty eight eight modem. Was it fifty six six percent. I don't know and I just played the Shit. Out of Gabriel Knight. Since the real video in that a minute of the game the game box I remember was with some reminiscent to a maybe a video game console box. It was so large. Because there's so many damn CDs and remember when they're on discs disc for this but like floppiness three point five fourteen of nineteen. They they didn't know how to compress video. This is awesome at the kings quest. Games have been on there already. I was a big Sierra Fan. I love kings quest. Six one of my favorite games of all time hands down. I just love point and Click. I love it. Kids Day probably eight. It might give you said a kid down. Twelve years old said here play this game. I can't see the Meiqing it I do. We need to define kid because you might be alienating our audience. Well I'm saying like ten twelve year old now you know a ten twelve year old now for us. They were fantastic. That was cutting edge. I it was amazing. It was akin to like you know playing RPG. But you're using your brain. Everything's a riddle. Everything's a puzzle. You'RE FIXING AMOUNT. Like just a blast. No yeah I mean I was really into those like I said day. The Tentacle Love Salmon. Max full-throttle Leisure Suit Larry. Well Holding Nice Man. Some of the earlier pointing clicks on. Es I was a huge fan a uninvited deja Vu didn't really play the other one. I'm reading the name of everything. S Shadow Gate. The does probably my favorite my dad even got into When when I had that I was talking about Hughes really missed I never got into it. But then you're putting on one of our member literally literally stood like three and a half feet tall was at the one. It's the same one that the football coaches could've used in practice Phil linebacker run. They wouldn't have been able to if your parents were Were out and we were supposed to be hanging your house not allowed to leave. We would just take the phone off the hook. Go do whatever the hell we wanted and your parents later. We call me like were you guys. Doing we couldn't get through. We were we were we were just on. Aol Hugh my bad still the AOL address. And I use it. So that's our little this week. Pretty much gaming. Centric retro rewind rewind overcome that the production value of this. Podcast will go up eventually. If anyone listening at home is embarrassed for us and decides they want to come up with a little jingle for Retro Rewind. Make sure you feel free to send it to me will accept it. We'll use it. Yeah you know. If you're good at any of this stuff let us know our. Let's get into the topic of the night. Wait wait I'm GonNa stop you right there. We're doing a disservice to our audience. We've got to say what we're drinking tonight our right while I'm starting out. I'm the lame one. I'm still drinking bud. Light John what you got in front of you there. I have a bullet Ri- Oh a Rye whiskey. I didn't know we were so sophisticated and about to give me another but lies. It's like it's like Dave Matthews said Whiskey Rye whiskey actually wondering Originally so.

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