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The others broward county sheriff scott israel has not releasing any names of the victims at this time we've identified twelve victims with him the score we will not be released in the names of any victims until every family and every parent was notified accordingly israel identifies the suspected gunman who is in custody as nineteen year old nicholas cruz a former student at the school who had been expelled for disciplinary reasons he says the shooter had an ar fifteen rifle land multiple magazines abc's erin katersky spoke with a student who says she saw the gunman shoot a teacher i wanna turn to ties in a thomas who's a student at douglas high where were you when the shots rang out at about two twenty this afternoon i way on my way down eighty eric roy wade ishida at here at lanky case factor in he shot are oh god and you saw the gunman you saw him open fire it works really hard if he hits facebook of the amount x volk that with clear but you could see a figure that look like they didn't belong there at all to see this unfold in your school what was going through your head at that point at that point i'll just like a happy get if think e schools in broward county will be closed for the remainder of the week a bill under consideration at the state house would set up some permanent ground rules for fantasy sports operations like bostonbased raff kings here's wbz's doug cope the measure from state senator iley donahue would make daily.

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