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We've gone through this legislation or not easy part of our job as as public thinkers on this is to explain it for people to make up their own mind but i hope there's continues to be a transparent process in this bill going forward aaron klein brookings institution centre on regulation in markets policy director a second that hope i don't other uh or my gut feeling is that it's not the but it's not going that way but we'll find out i guess uh maybe some of this week while that that concludes our our plan segment appear in we can open up ten we have some time to do some question answers if anybody in the audience wants to ask norbert michelle heritage foundation please have a or other microphone to say your your name and affiliation if you would uh steve perkins i'm an angel in desert but i said a a slightly different question a ably paul would certainly right that we got really consider political reality in this bill and i think one of the things that the democrats are gonna fight against is eliminating the cfpb there's got to be something like the cfpb or they are not going to vote for this in in my opinion so i wonder at o'hare to just certainly recommended eliminating they completely but what else can there be there's got to be some provisions in this bill that will address some of the consumer concerns like echo facts i'm i'm one of those that lost my information in the in the icc facts databreach so i'm concerned about that and two hundred fifty million other people are also so i'm wondering how can that kind of consumer issue be built into this bill will not sent a very good point there's always been uh consumer laws and consumer protection's in.

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