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People in the house in her body was found with homicides wanted the first thing detect Tuesday look at. Who's in the area? Who's near the scene or who's in the home with? That's where it happened. And so they looked at John and Patsy Ramsey but it in my opinion go way out of control in that it seemed that John and Patsy Ramsey were the only ones they were looking at for her daughter's murder. Here's fellow. Detective Johnson Augustyn who outlines just a few the reasons why Lou smit believed intruder killed Jon Benet typically in my experience and I've probably investigated well over over a few hundred death investigations. I would tell you that when you're looking at a murder like his parents typically if the parents are involved either say something. That was an accident accident. They may say something like I struck down but never have I seen in my career. Anything where stun gun strangulation in a blow to the Eh all happened as well as sexual assault they can find no prior application of the row. That was used to strangle Jon Benet. Meaning they found no other rogue in the house matching their wealth that was used to strangle her. The tape that was used to put over her mouth. There was no prior application. That tape found anywhere in Hong either. And why would the parents if they were planning on killing their daughter. Why would they take her from her bedroom? Sexually assaulted or stun-gun stun-gun her twice strangled her and then subsequently striker head and then stage your body in the basement in a cellar an then go write a ransom. No none of that made sense in her twenty three years reporting on in conducting inducting her own investigation into the case. Paula Woodward his come to know John as Father John Ramsey very well. John Ramsey has a very deep faith in spite of everything that has happened to him. His daughter's murder has become his life but he also has made sure sure that he has time in his life for Burke in his two other children John Andrews and Melinda that's very important to him he has remarried worried a wonderful woman after patsy died in the early two thousands shown elise her killer will be found. She doesn't know how he just know when you just know where that is part of his belief of faith and I guess that's the best way I can express listen. I think it's critically important that any possible leads are checked out if someone has the courage and tenacity to do so this this is such an important case because of all the wrong with that anyone who does something to further the investigation on this case should be lighted. It's really important and somebody knows something. One of the big questions in this case is with the family family did not do it to get right. Is it an intruder. Are there other suspects out there. That could have been involved in this. Are there other suspects that need to be looked at absolutely absolutely. Should there be other suspects Dean as collected absolutely and the problem in this case is that law enforcement was so focused on the family that they never allow themselves to truly investigate the facts of this case still today. There are still a number of leads that have never been followed up by law law enforcement.

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