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From the kiss expo in atlanta live on the radio on siriusxm friday the 19th of january channel 106 between two and four pm eastern time if you're at the expo head of the expo maybe i'll see there i'll be there on saturday abuna qna at one thirty for an hour with the audience and i'll be hanging around signing taken pictures of do all that sort of stuff as well so look for me if you're attending if you're not and you wanna hear of any vincent be sure to listen friday january 19th to my show from atlanta with vinnie vincent other stuff happening includes january 24th i'll be at the nam show i'll be broadcasting my radio show on volume from there as well and also on the 24th hosting the hall of heavy metal history awards at the wyndam anaheim also i'll be hosting ronnie montross remembered santa ana california the obzor vittori january 27th punch agreed artist getting together to pay tribute to the late ronnie montross and dr also we've got some cruises coming up cruise to the edge brilliance of the seas covering prague february third navigator of the seas i'll be on board february eleven for the monsters of raw crews on all the cruises i'll be broadcasting the volume show live every day you guys on our if you guys like rocky interviews rapto rock talk rock opinion guests and you're not getting the volume show daily well listen to what i just ran down broadcasts from two cruises broadcast from los angeles in the nam show broadcast from atlanta with vinnie vincent i mean look what we're doing their hope you join me on the volume show of you are not already other stuff just announced excited to be going back to talso always found the go to tulsa great times there march third on back of the idea ballroom hosting slaughter get your tickets now at stubbed wire rod oklahoma speaking of the tulsa area coming up twenty five twenty six and twenty seven annemarie back hosting in three again in columbia maryland information on that soon and i can tell you that a little scary thing here at that happened at the mary weather post pavilion in maryland where m3 takes place the roof came down but thankfully nobody was there.

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