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I can email that she ties you can post those but takes thoughts like that seriously if you're thinking and I'm not just everybody thinks oh I could just shake him you know you might get frustrated with someone but if it really becomes a pattern to where you're thinking of harming yourself to perhaps get out of the care giving duties are because I don't know why you're harming your loved one you really do need to seek outside help and ask someone to help you with this because that's that's very frightening but it can be it can happen I mean I can happen where you're just so burned out and you're not thinking straight so how does Ohio state's care giver support never come into play in that case well our caregiver support network we have those resources posted we have on our website to see higher agriculture website I have a link a link on there for care giver support network I have some resources on there and I'll have more resources as we go but we would have resources we could go that we have some tips on managing caregiver burnout I've also posted contact information or doctor Theresa young she was our speaker who spoke about caregiver burnout she's a counselling psychologist and right now I will put in a plug for her she's offering online or telephone counseling sessions because it's hard to leave the house and even if it's not in the middle of a virus pandemic it can be hard to leave the house if your care giver surgery says definitely a wonderful practitioner or anybody just speak to someone please but if you're managing caregiver burnout for self care you should ask for help you should talk to someone walk stretch do some creative problem solving even if it's so far out like what if you move to Bora Bora consider all the solutions no matter how far out and creative they are even if you're not going to do them that kind of taking it all the way up to be helpful I'm just three small tasks when you're feeling out of control you three simple task to get you back on track so deciding what to eat for dinner putting dishes in the dishwasher scheduling a doctor's appointment for yourself or your loved one just having a little feeling like you've got some control over your life and you can get things done make a happiness list why interesting or satisfying and create a menu so that when you.

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