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I am or go figure out a way to us but also out of her mind but in the best way it are they slick constantly business jerry gang they're constantly binge drinking and sleeping with each other obviously but it's it takes place in this place called newcastle so they have this accent that i've never heard before it says it's a it's a completely different british accent than i've ever heard you can sometimes barely understand what they're saying subtitled by yet they're so charlotte crosby has this like love this long term love affair with one of the guys in the house named gaz gaz beadle donnas real name is gary but everyone calls them guys and gaz is this the faro that will sleep with anybody and honestly every single night there's a new girl and but then he'll like be in love with charlotte but then how brennan wrote girl home and it's this constant force for years back and forth of charlotte being like oh we're in love oh no he's such a jerk oh no were in love oh he's brought another when they call it polling if you if you pull a girl so she always goes why did you pull a girl herb did gaz police girl and then if he did you know it's like i can't believe he pulled a girl item of any more indebted at a and it's just this constant reburied throwing a nice guy no bush's dating someone now okay but you know i hope it lasts i hope he's a good deal because she had she's had some trouble with men on meet the catholic you need to me i want to so there can be arranged so badly i am i want to go to newcastle and go to the laura they always hang out in i'm obsessed with them are you know some of them are terrible people.

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