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Over the hawk line to dry, Slidell, right point. Here's dry Seidel. Moving down the bars. Moves it to mcdavid right corner. Put the puck out to the right point nurse down to mcdavid beside the right circle. But it out in front rice saddle pumps it in. On kick. Save made by ward and the rebound clear down ice by Murphy. Three seconds two one dalstrom Alabama Senate hawks are back to full strength. So minimal damage here on that five on three advantage for the Oilers in behind the hawk net. Dalstrom is hit by Luci practitioner. Taken by gusts us and tried to clear it out kept in by the Oilers ratty will skate across the rink down the right wing side. Runs into dalstrom goes down ratty, then tried to spend the puck to the line kick back in the corner, by tapes. Lucci took it there the right corner. Jostled thereby Gustafsen. Strips the puck free ends up behind the net. Lucci twins the battle their spoons it in front of the net. But right onto the stick of tapes. Paves carries to center ice right wing side, bats the puck in over the oiler line doing self from the right wing corner. He's head and he scrapes it behind the net left wing corner. Alex debrincat. Thanks to the left point Slater, Kuku winds and fires and that deflects wide or the oiler anatomy oiler player that went down to block it. Tyrod is down on the ice. He's gonna hobble to the Edmonton bench back in the hawk zone between the circles cookers got the puck quick pass up the right wing debrincat. Oh, the oiler line director racing down behind the net. Fed the last circle in the drive-by Slater. Kuker just missed the net gain got it back right point now down to Strom fed the high slot later Kuku sites that check tried to move into the right circle. What the headed poke checked away? Villains throw look like he caught a high stick along the near boards. Nothing called Oilers. Take the puck back in their end. It's backed out to center ice by up the left wing to Kyle bronze EAC he sent slowly in on Cam ward who directs the puck behind the hawk net. The Slater Kuku moves it around the right side. Debrincat had the pocket had it stripped off his stick by Darnell nursed of a left wing corner. Brad Malone there for Edmonton behind the hawk net around to the right point. Chris Russell flip it into the right wing corner for pole yard, and he lost the puck up the boards to the line. Russell took it back since it back down the boards form alone over his stick. Seabrook. Took the puck for the hawks. He'll spin it up the right side to debrincat hawk blue line, deflects it to the oiler line. The owners get the puck back teams in line changes quick pass now from the oiler line to read reader over the hawk line down the right wing falls under a check from Kuku dreidel got the puck. How I run the right wing corner chipped off his stick by Kahuna ahead to Brandon Saad Saad at center ice on the left wing Senator over the oiler line down the left wing to the corner where he turns away holds the puck. Put it out in front man that slept away by Larson. The left wing to center ice. It goes to dry Seidel built up the puck lazily into the.

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